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The Lady and her Knight

Sarah Tintagyl

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It had been a late night and as Sarah moved from her desk near the window of her office she glanced at the clock, four in the morning, she sighed and tilted her head down, there was no point to go home now because by the time she got comfortable in bed it would be near time to wake up again. At the side of the room was a small fireplace which the maids had kept burning as long as there was a large congregation of people in the Lady Protector's office, but the maids had left hours ago and Sarah had been alone probably since about two. Walking over to the heated tea pot on the portable stove she had in the office she poured herself another cup of tea and walked over to the fireplace. The smoldering embers were the only thing left, still a bright orange glow emitted from the hearth and it brought a slight smile to the girl's face. She picked up to small logs and placed them gently onto the embers and within no time at all, a flame had sprouted and the heat began to warm her cold body once again.

The War in Europe was becoming more and more stressful for the young girl's heart to take and written on the papers on her desk were various declarations of war that were to be sent out the next day. Deep inside, she was angry with the world, angry with what was going on and she wanted to show that she could be just as demanding as the countries fighting. Essentially suffering from a bit of Napoleonic Syndrome herself, but it just wasn't fair, people couldn't just ignore a girl's cry for peace and if they did, they would have war. The thoughts buzzed around in her head, in and out to the point where she could feel a migraine coming on, but taking another sip of tea she was relaxed again. At least for now.

As she sat in one of the large leather chairs in front of the fire, she could feel her tiny body begin to sink into the leather of the chair itself and her eyes slowly began to shut. But at the sound of a quick tap on the door sent her back on top of the leather and shifted her head towards the silver doorknob at the edge of the room. "Enter." Sarah said quietly, as if afraid that someone was going to hear her.

"Milady." Said a familiar voice as a darkened figure walked through the opening door only to illuminate into the persona of Luis De Luit, the Keeper of Sarah's Marchar Knights and the de-facto leader of the Marchar people in the Hansa. "I just happened to notice that you hadn't left the Hall yet." He checked his watch. "It is very late. Would you like me to escort you home."

Sarah chuckled lightly. "No, its too late for that. I have to be here in four hours anyways, I'm just taking the time to relax." She took another sip of the tea and looked deep into the flames of the fire. Luis remained standing at attention and then realizing this Sarah turned to him again. "Luis. What are you doing up so late then?"

"Thinking as well Milady. But nothing that I would want to trouble you with."

"Nonsense." Said Sarah smiling as she pointed to another leather chair opposite to her. "I love stories and your company could do me good."

"As you wish Milady." Luis said, cracking a smile as he sat down next to Sarah and for the first time in her life she saw him begin to relax.

They sat in silence for a moment as Sarah finished her drink and put the cup on the table next to her. "So Luis, have you been listening to the news, we might be going to war soon." She sighed. "Perhaps this pacifist ideology just doesn't work in a world like ours anymore, I think that my hopes that the Hansa will always stay peaceful are coming to an end again. Maybe we should start thinking about militarism."

Luis sighed. "You've been listening to the Nords too much Milady, the Russians too. I wouldn't want for someone like you to step into a hole that you wouldn't be able to get out of again. Your intelligent Milady, which has kept us out of most wars as of late. This is a war between the Russians and the Nords and the Hansa plays no part in it. I still don't understand where all these neutrals are coming from. Let the ignorant tarts figure it out for themselves."

Sarah chuckled slightly, but she was angry with herself. He was being truthful and the young girl, not the politician was siding with him. The young girl that still believed in ideals and human strength instead of rationalization and it had been the ideals that had made the Hansa what it was today. "Is that what you've been thinking about?" He nodded and she with him. "You know Luis, that has been the thought in my mind as well that we have been getting sucked into the politics of the world again but that isn't where we belong. We belong somewhere else, outside this realm of mongrels. But still..." She sighed. "Europe is our homeland, it was my homeland. I feel like I am abandoning it."

Luis stroked his chin and stared into the fire. "Without a doubt Milady, Europe will always hold a place in all of our hearts. But it doesn't need to be in the form of total military control. You have always been an advocate of the arts and I see European art, music, and literature dominating the streets of Brisbane everyday and I'm sure it has been to sink into the rest of the Commonwealth." He paused. "And if military force is the way, perhaps we can act as moderators in this war once it ends. We have expeditionary forces and we have a reputation for diplomatic resolve, there is no doubt that I could see the Hansa as the firm stone that holds Europe and Asia in balance with one another."

"Balance." Sarah scoffed. "One one side Communists and on the other Fascists. I just don't get it anymore Luis, I don't understand how governments can be so out of touch with the desires of their people with their civilians." She turned and looked into his eyes. "You know I might never have said this to you Luis, but when I became Chancellor back when I first assumed power, I didn't care about the military or the government workings, I only cared about one thing. I wanted to make the Hansa the center of the cultural world. A place where artists and musicians, philosophers and writers could come together without fear or criticism to write anything that entered their imagination."

Luis' eyes widened. "A cultural Mecca. A Paris of the South Pacific."

"Exactly, Luis, exactly. There is nothing more than that that I would want to achieve."

Luis smiled. "But Lady Sarah you have already achieved that. Look at the capital, theaters, universities, schools, salons, cafes, and conservatories. The Commonwealth is a cultural paradise and with your guidance it will be made into something even more fantastic."

Sarah looked down at the floor and ran her hands through her hair. "I hope so Luis, I look in history and see what Martens, Uberstein have done, what DKT had done. Luis I'm not one of them, I can never become one of them. I want to be remembered, but not as a leader who was feared, but as a leader who was beloved." She looked deep into his eyes. "I know you can help me achieve that Luis, I know you can."

"I would ask for nothing more in my life Milady than to defend you and the Hansa and what the Hansa stands for. Peace, unity, diversity, toleration, and tranquility. Sarah." For one time in his duty he broke the formalities of their positions. "Sarah, the Valkyrie, she is beautiful and she is tempting." He reached and gently touched her cheek. "But she isn't you. The mother of Peace and all that is good in the world should not be the daughter of War. I know you are so much more than that Sarah, you are so much more."

She blushed and smiled back taking Luis' hand in hers. "Thank you and forgive me for not becoming of myself. It is a learning experience I'm afraid and I have had periods of doubt and weakness throughout my life."

"It is only human Milady." Luis said resuming his past formality. "But that is what I am here for. The stone for which you may ascend to glory."

She nodded as the clock on the mantle chimed five and the young Marchar could slowly she his Lady Protector begin to fall towards her dreams. Getting off his chair he walked over to a small rack of covers that were kept in a closet just outside of Sarah's office and coming back in he tucked her comfortably in the chair as her head finally drooped into a slumber. He smiled looking at her and gently laid his lips upon her forehead. "Sweet dreams Milady, sweet dreams." Without making a sound he retreated from the room and began his patrol through City Hall once again, leaving the young girl to her dreams of hope for a better future for the world.

OOC: Luis is Margrave's character and this was inspired by an IRC conversation. So I'm sorry if I broke any rules here.

Edited by Sarah Tintagyl
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