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We Have an Accord!


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The Crown and Castle Accords


With this instrument, the Norden Kingdom and the Federacion Iberiana hereby give their solemn vow to rise to the aid of the other in time of need, and to work in tandem to enhance the security of the North Atlantic and Arctic regions.

I. Non-Aggression

For the period in which these Accords shall remain in effect, the undersigned parties agree to refrain from undertaking any aggressive action against the other party. Such action shall include overt and covert military action as well as espionage operations.

II. Mutual Defense

Should either of the parties come under aggressive action by any third party, and should such action have not been provoked by the party under attack, the other party shall be obliged to provide such assistance as shall be within its power. The determination of provocation shall be made by the party which would then be obliged to provide assistance, with full benefit of the doubt given to the requesting party.

III. Shared Intelligence

Should either party receive such intelligence as may greatly impact the other party or damage the collective security of all parties, it shall immediately alert the other party with as much information as it can safely provide without unduly harming the source of said information.

IV. Entry into Force

These Accords shall enter into force immediately upon their ratification by the governing bodies of both parties. Any hostilities in which either party may be engaged at the entry into force of these Accords shall not be construed to oblige the other party to action.

V. Amendment and Dissolution

These Accords can be amended at any time by the consent of both parties. These Accords may, after a period of one year, be dissolved at any time by the mutual decision of both parties.

Signed at Madrid this Date:

For the Federacion Iberiana

Juan Esparrago,

President of the Federacion

Sir Luis Donado,

Foreign Minister

Dr. Jerome Sanchez,

Defense Minister

For the Norden Kingdom:

Ty Eyvindsson,

Konungur (King)

Ísólfur Ármannsson,

Forsætisráðherra (Prime Minister)

Steingrímur Vilhjálmsson,

Utanríkisráðherra (Foreign Minister)

OOC: Edit to include Ty's signatures

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Norden is proud to take part in this treaty and we hope for future prosperous relations with Federacion Iberiana.

Signed for Norden Kingdom:

Konungur Ty Eyvindsson

Forsætisráðherra Ísólfur Ármannsson

Utanríkisráðherra Steingrímur Vilhjálmsson

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The Imperial Alliance congratulates both sides of this new friendship and welcomes Federacion Iberiana to our side of the war.

We would like t opoint out that this treaty is a MDP, not an MADP. Therefore, the Federacion is not on your side of the war.

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We would like t opoint out that this treaty is a MDP, not an MADP. Therefore, the Federacion is not on your side of the war.

OOC: Misread the article titled "entry into force".

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