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Because two brains are better than one...for dinner...


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From practically day one of the formal existence of the Amazon Nation, the folks at The Shadow Confederacy have been great to us. TSC folks are friendly, professional, and (perhaps most importantly) spammy! Omni, specifically, is a diplomat of the highest caliber who shares my opinion that good communication is the answer to the meaning of life.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but only a little! You guys know I'm a big fan of it, and I couldn't be happier to be announcing this "enhancement" of sorts to the ties that bind AzN and TSC already through NOIR.

May I present to you:

The Brain-Eater Confederacy (with salt)

A "we had to randomly drag Mecha Sheikh into our MDP" MDP between the Amazon Nation and The Shadow Confederacy.


To protect and maintain the precious relations and views of our alliances from all forces both foreign and internal which threaten to cause instability, The Shadow Confederacy (henceforth referred to as TSC) and Amazon Nation (henceforth referred to as AzN) agree to the following terms of mutual defense.

Article I: Sovereignty

In the signing of this treaty it is to be made absolutely clear that both alliances will remain sovereign and separate entities.

Article II: Civility

Members of both alliances shall remain civil and respectful of each other at all times, though both signatories agree that debate shall not be stifled by this Article when conducted in the spirit of civility.

Article III: Non-Aggression

All forms of aggression between the members of AzN and TSC are deemed illegal. This includes, but is not limited to sanctions, war declarations, eating of the others' brains, calling members of the other alliance "practice guys," aiding nations at war with either alliance, and all forms of espionage. Both parties also agree to settle any disputes in private. Should AzN or TSC feel a member of either alliance has broken these terms, a cessation in hostilities is to be sought and, if judged necessary, reparations are to be paid.

Article IV: Mutual Defense

Should a signatory be attacked by an outside party (including having their brains eaten by anyone other than Mecha), the other signatory shall consider this an attack upon themselves and utilize all means at their disposal to aid the other signatory, including military, financial and diplomatic support. And salt.

Article V: Cancellation

Treaty cancellation can occur at any time, though the withdrawing signatory agrees to notify and uphold the treaty 72 hours in advance.

For The Shadow Confederacy:

E.grievous, Emperor

Omniscient1, Grand Vizier

Rude Land, Director of PR

For Amazon Nation:

Randalla, of The HiElands: Queen

Amarynth, of Caspysia: Council and Queen's Consort

Larethiel, of Havalas: Council

The long and short of it: MDP between The Shadow Confederacy and Amazon Nation.

Thank you, come again!

Edit: ::cough:: Sigs would be good. Also, in before "Sigs would be good".... ;)

Edited by Randalla
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