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The Round 5 World War

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The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. This is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants that know more about war than they know about peace, more about killing than about living.

CN:TE has been built to let the strongest survive and the weak fall. Yet this game has turned into a miniature CN:SE. I think that in the spirit on TE we should have an all out war, every man( or woman ) for his(or her) self. No Allies, No backstabbing. There will be a grace period before the all out war will begin the war will begin at the half point of the round. ANYONE attacking ALLIED nations will be exempt from the War, The standard tech raids for nations without alliances will be permitted. At the end of the grace period ALL nations will be open targets, a free for all. ALL Nukes, spies, etc. will be permitted at that point.

Note: As spy attacks can conceal the identity of players conducting them, You may spy at your own will, but if you are caught spying ALLIED nations before the war starts and/or are reported, you will be taken out of the War.

Prizes: As it stands, unless I decide to change my mind, The first place winner will receive a prize of 300-500 tech for SE ( If you don't have an SE nation, you will not win the prize). Second place will receive 100-200 tech. And there will be a nation chosen as MVP of the War. (Note:The MVP could be the 1st or 2nd place winners) The MVP will receive a prize of 50 tech every 10 days until it adds up to 1,000 tech,or they might just get it in one bulk

(but thats not likely).

Note: MVP will NOT be chosen off of strength but off of how they contribute to the war, and their attitude towards the war and TE.

The winners will be chosen by N.S (except MVP). The 1st place goes to the strongest nation, 2nd place goes to the 2nd strongest. At the end of the war.

Anyways, thats the scoop on the idea, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK SO I CAN KNOW IF I SHOULD GET STARTED OR NOT.

P.S. If you guys wna join the war I will post towards the end of round 4, and EVERYONE who is going to play should sign up on that post so I can keep note. Thank you for your time. I will Be taking care of all prizes on CN:SE. So if you wanted to know how the prizes would happen, thats how.

P.S.S. This is for fun, so if you make vulgar post or offensive post towards alliances or nations, expect to be kicked from tourney.




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Do none of you people get it? THESE IDEAS DON'T WORK!

the only way it could remotely work was if the alliance on top tried to dictate it. even then, there are hundreds of people on here that don't like to follow rules, even more that dont ever see the OWF where said rules would be dictated.

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All of these threads about wanting everyone to Play TE like you(the op of each thread) want to play it is getting old. TE is like Outback no rules, just right. Everyone here plays how they want and have different agendas. Some are here to troll, other want to build, some are treaty junkies and so forth. You should just play the game how you want to play and enjoy it for what it is. Any type of organization will ultimately fail, because 8 people will try and play by the "rules" and there will some who don't.

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Well said ;)

I am glad to see you agree there are no rules.

While I would never dream of attacking an alliance leader in CN ... in TE it is different. It is a wild untamed place and passionate declarations occur without thought.

(I don't know if I have to label this next bit OOC or not. I can't afford a warn so I'll tag it OOC.)

* There was never a personal grudge or real aggravation in my declaration against you; I was role playing a barbarian and acting on whim. Bah to those that claim there is no room for drama ... I am there for action and if I can stir up a bit of drama, all the better.

IC: You're a good man, JonBoy16.

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