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Open Letter to the Grand Global Alliance

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I have watched what my departure over the last three weeks has done to the Grand Global Alliance. While I was angry at the way I was treated, I did not intend for this kind of PR to over take the GGA. As a result, I have come to set some things straight. From this point forward, I will speak no ill of the GGA or any of its members. The GGA does have problems, the same as any other alliance. Instead of airing my anger to the world, I should have attempted to deal with this issue more in private and done my best to help the GGA fix its problems.

to Degenerate108: Sorry. You deserve far more credit then I gave you, but I still do feel that the methods used in my departure could have been better.

to Ironchef: You have been a good friend. There are somethings you do that irritate me to no end..but you are generally there when I need it.

to Sognatore: Love to see you again...let's leave the Jaegermeister out of it next time.

to KunFuHamster: Thanks for not getting to upset with me.

to scotchwithrocks: I love you too man, but seriously...no more "scooter".

to DerekJones: Thank you for not log dumping despite pressure to the contrary.

to MooCows: I do believe that NPO has its head in places it does not belong. My approach however, should have been made in private and not publicly. For that you have my apologies.

to Bilrow: Sorry for posting the link to the roster. Stupid move. Contact me if you would like assistance with that cost. I will do what I can.

From this point forward, I am making a commitment to never again air the problems of the GGA or express my opinion on them. The GGA can work its internal issues out, and I will be no help if I continue to be critical of them. I thank everyone on Bob for the support that they have shown me, and it will not be forgotten. At this time I would ask that you all "lay off" the GGA long enough for it to turn around. There is no harm in letting them try. From this point forward I will only encourage the GGA to try. I will no longer be critical. To any member who has been affected by recent events related to me, I am sorry.


Viridian Entente

formerly proud Triumvir of the Grand Global Alliance.

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I was expecting grand-standing and a poor show, but you've surprised me. Whatever the reasons for your leaving, you have shown that you are willing to work issues out with your past friends. For that, you have earned my respect. Good luck to you in the future, shaneprice.

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Shane you know how I feel about you. I will always be there if you need a friend.

I would like to take this time to thank you for all you did for the GGA and to let you I have no hard fillings towards you for anything you have done or said in the past. Things get heated and things are said that in the end are regrettable. I wish you the best my friend and now is the time to learn from our past mistakes

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The problem with the GGA was that they were in such a state of denial of their state of affairs that there was no other way to get through them. Without a massive show from the public at the pathetic position they have allowed themselves to be placed in they would have been oblivious to that fact. What you did was for the betterment of an independant GGA which isn't having it's policies dictated to it by foreign influences. As I showed GGA's position was no better than GATO's. Except for the fact that GATO has no choice in the matter.

You had no reason to apologise. It's as though you're blaming yourself for the problems embeded into the GGA, yet these are of no fault of your own.

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GGA was, is and probably always will be the ones to blame here. If they could control these said problems then nothing would have happened in the first place.

Weak apology

I do realize it takes a higher class of person to own up to their own roles in things, but taking potshots at him for this isn't needed.

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