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Why You Should Join the Black Peace Society!


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The Black Peace Society is a rising and great Alliance! After 4 days we have 25 members and growing. We have alot to offer nations out there. For a limited time nations will be given 2 millon Dollars as Start up aid! We offer all nations within The Society protection, aid, and guides to better there nation. We allow tech raids on Un-alligned nations. We provide a great forum for members to hang-out and learn more about Cybernations. http://z3.invisionfree.com/Black_Peace_Society

We are a pretty laid back Alliance and will be open minded in you opinions and suggestions. We hope to help any nation out there as much as we can but first you have to be a member. We are currently working on a perfect Government system and are looking for individuals who are active, trustable, and hard-working. So if you think you can do it and want to help be part of making an Alliance great then come on Over. Black Peace Society welcomes any members to come by and join.

Also we welcome any Diplomats of any team to come by and join. We Can set up an Embassy and talk. We also have an IRC on Esper where we can talk #BPS

Thank you for your time

King of BPS- Shadowman

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