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Central Asian Alliance of Turks

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:rolleyes: :rolleyes: We know, we're the only nation. But soon we'll be big! You don't have to be Turkish (or Tukic for that matter, 'cause it says Central Asia), but our nation is just centered around Turkistan. Since we're so sure we'll be big, You, and I do mean YOU VIEWING THIS PAGE, HAVE THE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME ONE OF THE FIRST FEW NATIONS TO JOIN! We call these veterans. You think, SO WHAT?! I DON'T NEED TO BE THE SECOND OF 2! Well, here we recruit new nations. ^_^ ^_^ If you do join, do yourself a favor: Our real name is: The Central Asian Alliance of Turkic People, but we refer to ourselves as the Central Asian Alliance of Turks. (Best to copy+Paste). Edited by High King
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