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Green Party Renamed!

Ned the Great

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Green Party Renamed

NEDOPOLIS - President Edward "Ned the Great" Bartowski of Nedland has just announced that his political party, the Green Party, is to be renamed. From now on, the party is to be referred to as the "Nedite National Congress." The party's name was changed because several members of the Green Party objected that President Ned was not doing enough to end dominance on fossil fuels. They claimed that the Green Party should push harder on adapting alternative energies. President Ned, who supports alternative energies yet believes in a gradual change (and also has friends in the Venezuelan oil industry), replied that his policy on energy would not change. To better reflect his policy and prevent misunderstandings, Ned changed the party's name. Just after the party's new name was approved, several congresspeople (led by congresswoman Eserpanza Gomez) have left the Nedite National Congress party to form a new Green Party. This new Green Party is stated to be much more radical in terms of the environment. In the meantime, the Nedite National Congress will continue the socialist and secular policies of the old Green Party.

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