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NOVOMOSKVIK - Chairman Mikhail Nikonov of the Communist Party of the New United Soviet Republic has declared war on Molakia . Citing their recent invasion of Slavorussia, their attempts to take Saint Petersburg, and their threat to the security of the entire Russian area, Chairman Nikonov and the Supreme Soviet have decided on this course of action. His speech, which is actually quite nifty, has this to say.

The Molakian scum has dared to attack a fellow Russian nation. Their attack of the motherland is a despicable attempt to grab land for their capitalist selfish concerns. We must eliminate this threat to our security. We must secure mother Russia! This time of crisis is a new age. A new era. A new Great Patriotic War. Once again the Nords invade our holy lands, raping our women, pillaging our homes, burning our crops. And once again the Slavic race must take up their bayonets and drive out the foreign invaders! Down With Fascism! Down with Molakia!


Novosoyuzskiy moves to Defcon 1. S-300 network online and active. Chairman and Supreme Soviet to be relocated by helicopter to bunkers near Novosevastopol.


2 Kirov-Class Battlecruisers and 3 Corvettes have left Port Sakha escorting a small armada of troop transports carrying 70,000 soldiers fresh from the Kishinev Training Grounds.


A massive cyberattack began on the Molakian air defense network, crippling their SAM network.


Please allow our ships to pass through your territorial waters. We will be mounting an amphibious invasion of Molakia. At the same time, we would like to utilize your rail systems to transport the rest of our armies to the Saint Petersburg front.

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