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Mushroom Kingdom FA Announcement and Request


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Dear Everyone,

It is time for a Visa audit on ambassadors that we allow in our territory. In 48 hours we will be revoking ALL foreign visa's and re-issuing them. To be re-issued a visa you will need to post in this area http://thecastlehall.com/boards/index.php?topic=16873.0 .

The Kingdom's foreign affairs department would also like to ask anyone we have an embassy with to revoke the visa of anyone wearing the Kingdom's colors and ask people to re-apply for a mask.

This action and request is a security measure to make sure only the people who should have access to your little slices of heaven are the ones who are authorized.



Mushroom Kingdom Lord High Envoy

tl:dr we are demasking and remasking all diplomats and want you to demask any MK diplomats you have on your forums and make them re-apply for a mask.

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Good call, a lot of work though :)

I guess you find out who your true friends are this way :v:


It is more about security and getting rid of people who have masks they shouldn't. We all know how turnover is in our alliances.

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Security reasons? This is trouble some...

A member leaves an alliance but is still masked on others forums as an ambassador, no one bothers to check said masks and then in said embassy people start talking about things that unless they are members of the 2 alliances in question have no right to access.

It's simple house cleaning.

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