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Announcement from Farkistan

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Our forces have recently sighted a large caravan of gypsies roaming the far borders of our lands. We have decided to raid them and assimilate them into our own, press-ganging the adults into our military and using the children as tech farms. Throughout the day and into the weekend we expect this operation to continue. We would ask that we not be interfered with in this affair. Any attempts at recruiting our gypsies during this operation will be seen as an act of aggression and we will respond accordingly. Furthermore, we would also request that these new arrivals of ours not be used as tech resources until we have processed and de-loused them. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Thank you.

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Perhaps another recruitment drive (OOC: From fark.com)? The winter/spring of 2007 and 2008 had similar efforts. As a matter of fact the 2007 version brought me to Bob.

3 new nations so far today wearing the FARK AA.

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