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Official Nexus Announcement, chocolatey brown new member


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There comes a time every year when Nexus has our annual easter egg hunt on Brown, where we all get together and have some fun hunting for chocolatey goodness :wub: . This year we hadn't been too successful finding the eggs (damn you bagpuss, hiding things way too well), until we came across 57th Overlanders, who were nice enough to help us out. Once we had dragged them away from the bunny girls wrestling in chocolate anyway.

As a result of their help, we've ended up finding lots of easter eggs (yummy :D ), and learnt about a great new sport (Bunny girls wrestling in chocolate ftw :wub: ), so we all agreed that 57th should join Nexus and cement our ties forged in the hunt with lots of sharing of easter eggs and chocolate covered bunny girls.


The signitories of this document come together in order to recognise a common friendship and commitment to one another. In signing this agreement, signatories affirm unquestionable support for fellow members and endeavour to sustain this united front and act with the ambition of achieving common security and prosperity.


The undersigned respect the leadership and sovereign rights of their fellow signatories and shall make no attempt to subvert or undermine the leadership of any other member. Each alliance has the right to freely make their own decisions in regards to allies and treaties, providing no prospective treaty partner has been cited as an enemy of a fellow signatory.


Members states of the undersigned will abstain from engaging in any aggressive actions against each other, where such actions may include declarations of war, military operations, acts of espionage, or any other infliction of harm by proxy. Signatories will treat each other with respect at all times, in public and private channels, and will refrain from publicly disrespecting or criticising one another. The said parties are encouraged to resolve any outstanding issues with one another through appropriate private channels.


The undersigned alliances agree to provide financial assistance, within their best capacity, to one another if any formal request or desire is expressed by another signatory. Member alliances are entitled to provide military and financial aid during times of war and each signatory affirms their diplomatic support to one another if requested.


All signatory alliances shall demonstrate a willful and coordinated effort in gathering intelligence about the greater political climate, along with any information relating directly to the undersigned. Signatories are required to relay any information relevant to the security of fellow members through the appropriate channels, as soon as practically possible, without further endangering the concerned parties.

Mutual Defence

Any aggressive attack or declaration of war on a member or members will be considered, in essence, as an act of war against all signatories of this agreement. In such a scenario, signatories agree to respond with full military capabilities in order to effectively defend the attacked party, without hesitation. Any request for lesser assistance, be it of military, economic or diplomatic qualification, will also be considered obligatory and responded to with aptness.

Mutual Aggression

The undersigned have the right to provide assistance and support for fellow signatories when undertaking aggressive actions. Any intent to initiate aggressive actions against an outside party must be presented to fellow signatories seventy-two (72) hours before any action is taken, in which time signatories will discuss the appropriate supportive actions. Should a request for military assistance be refused under these circumstances, it will not affect the ongoing relationship between signatory parties.

Terms of War

The undersigned alliances consent to a strictly 'no nuclear first strike' policy in both offensive and defensive wars. Signatories also recognise that the conditions of an aggressive war apply specifically to states containing a minimum of ten (10) nations or holding a defensive pact with another external alliance, and does not apply to raiding or nations designated Zero Infrastructure targets by any signatory of this agreement. Furthermore, terms of peace and surrender issued during defensive and aggressive wars would require unanimous (100%) approval by current signatories.


In signing this treaty, members recognise that any breach of this agreement may be considered plausible grounds for the removal of a signatory. Member states also acknowledge that this agreement will overrule all previous treaties held between signatories and by default will not interact with the external treaties held by signatories, unless otherwise Agreed upon. New alliances may also be invited to sign this covenant following collective approval (100%) by the current members.


Amendments of this document may be proposed at any time, by any signatory alliance. In order for a proposition to be considered successful it will require a unanimous vote (100%) by all signatories.


A signatory may resign their status by providing notification to the other members of this agreement, after which they will be bound by the terms of this pact for a further ninety-six (96) hours. The undersigned alliances have the right to propose the removal of another signatory at any time, after which they will have a seventy-two (72) hour time frame to discuss and vote on the cancellation of the concerned membership. It will require a unanimous vote of the undisputed signatories (100% - 1) in order to successfully remove a fellow signatory.


This agreement has been ratified by the following alliances on the 10th day of April, 2009.

The League of Extraordinary Nations

Consul: Shakyr of The Lost Isles

Consul: Paxanarie of Morrigan

Tribune of Foreign Affairs: Prodigal Moon of Nightmerica

Tribune of War: Ragnor of Eurofighter Typhoon

Tribune of Interior: tswsl1989 of Entage

Tribune of Trade: Evry88 of Trumbull

The OTF Alliance

finneys13 President

CilldaraOTF Prime Minister

The Coalition of Independent Nations

Jerry Wagner ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: Foreign Affairs

sulli90 ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: Finance

Slicer845695 ~ Triumvirate of CoIN: War

The 57th Overlanders

Captain - Mechanus

Lieutenant - Veneke

Quartermaster - TheHIV

0/ 57th Overlanders

0/ Nexus

0/ LEN

0/ OTF

0/ CoIN

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Any treaty with CoIN in it is sexy, and we should know. Kudos gents(and possibly one or two ladies, I never can tell..) on a job well done. You kids play nice now, no necking in public! :wub:

Yeah, Jer is a tea lady, don't call her a man, she'll get offended. :v:

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Sorry I'm late. Was busy watching


wrestling in chocolate.

Anyways, we're very happy to be a part of this group of alliances. We've known each of them for a very long time now and have grown quite fond of them, even Jerleat. ;)

Here's to good friends and chocolate and girls covered in chocolate and bunny ears. :awesome:

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Congrats none the less

I don't think you quite understand the bond that exists between all Nexus signatories.

Good job 57th, you've been a great addition to the brown team since I first met you whilst in OTF and it's great to see you cementing your friendships and strengthening The Nexus.

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Congrats none the less

The Nexus Agreement predates NSO's formation and we've been allied to the 57th for quiet some time now, this is just the natural progression of our relations.

THat and the chocolate covered bunny girls swaying my view off course ;)

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