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We Grow Strong


With this announcement, we have finally surpassed our pre-war strength from roughly last year at this time. At that time we had slightly over 3,600,000 total Nation Strength and a membership of 245 nations. While we have lost many members, we are stronger and tighter than before the war, and are now working on improving our numbers even further. We'd like to thank all our allies and friends for their support over the past year, especially noting FUN, whom decided they liked us so much that they joined us. Special thanks must also be given to USN, LEN, The Immortals, and TYR for their help in filling our insatiable appetite for tech.

Embassy Policy
As of today, we are implementing a new embassy policy at our forums. We've undergone a complete overhaul recently, and have noticed abandoned embassies taking up space that can be better utilized in other ways. As such, Embassies that are deemed as recently abandoned (1 month of disuse) shall be put on our demolition lists. After another month of continued abandonment, the embassies shall be razed to make way for other projects. Should a recently disused embassy be reclaimed, 6 weeks of consistant occupation will be required before we move the embassy off of our demolition lists. Demolition plans have gone forward on any embassy that has fallen into the states of disuse as described above. The only exceptions to the above policy is for our treaty partners, as often the communication level is in great condition via the Internet Relay Chat Communications Network (IRCCN), and we make the effort to keep their embassies repaired on our own for their benefit whenever they decide they need use of it.

As we are big fans of second chances, and strive for better relations with everyone, there is no trial period for a fresh embassy if one was recently demolished, and we welcome all diplomats to our Embassy Area with open arms. Just to note, our general policy is one of having 25 members in the alliance for an Embassy to be constructed. Exceptions can be made, and private meeting halls can be provided for discussion of any event that requires them. As always, the quickest way to reach government would be via the IRCCN, channel #CSN, and asking for government members.

Policy Updates and Clarifications
As with any new administration, some policies will change, while others may stay the same. At this time, I'd like to make clear a few specific policies that I feel would be best made clear to the rest of the world before they can be brought into question.

The first is to be about my use of 'The Commonwealth'. When I use 'The Commonwealth' I am referring to 'The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations' and no other entity that has 'commonwealth' in their name.

Second is the policy regarding Zero Infrastructure. As I do not believe in holding grudges, nor that there is any crime serious enough to warrant the complete destruction of a ruler and any of his progeny, The Commonwealth shall not institute punishments beyond sending a nation to Zero Infrastructure for a period of more than 30 days. Should a ruler decide to abdicate his throne to their progeny, the new ruler shall be given the benefit of the doubt and afforded a clean slate in terms of grievances from The Commonwealth. I must warn however, that repeated abuses of this policy shall shorten our tolerance of actions from that ruler and his progeny that go gainst The Commonwealth. So long as rulers refrain from crossing The Commonwealth, The Commonwealth shall not be concerned with them.

A third issue is our non-censorship policy. We will not be censoring our membership so long as they refrain from violating the rules laid forth by our Lords (aka the mods). If you feel that someone from The Commonwealth has done so, please feel free to contact us and we will attempt to rectify the situation to both parties' liking. Do note that there is a temporal requirement for grievences to be considered. Comments made more than a five days prior to contact will not be considered barring excedingly offensive content as determined by CSN leadership. Older posts may be brought up if there is a pattern of abuse from a certain member, but the most recent still must fall within the five day time limit.

Lastly, I will bring up our nuclear policy. We carry a light nuclear arsenal with the intent of using them should it be beneficial to The Commonwealth. Authority to use nuclear weapons comes from one of three people in The Commonwealth, Head of State (myself), the Deputy Head of State (Allied Threat), or the Minister of Defense (CaptainImpavid). While we will not rule out a nuclear first strike, it is not a likely event as most situations can be reconciled without the use of nuclear weapons, and we will always strive to do so.

Goose of Turkeybowl,

Head of State for The Commonwealth and Old Man with a Cane

EDIT: I'm old and my memory fails me sometimes. My apologies to our friends and allies at The Immortals, though I'm sure you're more than happy just to have nici over there.

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I love the 30-day ZI thing. That's a new one on me. Seems a really good way of carrying out a somewhat lasting punishment without taking a nation or (OOC: player) individual out of the Cyberverse.

Great to see you guys back to full strength, though it's really a shame it set you back a whole year. At least if there's a next time we'll be on your side of the war. :unsure:

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Don't be forgetting the Immortals now. ;)

I've sold more tech to CSN than I can count through those 3x3's :D

Congrats on the milestone, though USN is only a few member away from having more than you. Though our NS is still smaller :(

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