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PoT is now legalized !!!!

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At 420 on a certain afternoon, a meeting of importance took place in my basement. After a long-winded deliberation

involving Cheetoh's and stale pizza, and a few episodes of Family Guy, Rattlehead and Shavar decided to fire up a

new alliance based on friendship, fun and lots of snacks!

The name of this alliance was given to me by my good friend and fellow pot head, CareBear the mighty,

(thanks again, man!)

It is with great satisfaction and a bad case of munchies that I declare the existence of the Pinnacle of Truth (PoT).

PoT is a purple sphere alliance dedicated to the growth and security of its member nations.

PoT is also dedicated to having fun and making friends. Swing by anytime and say hello.

Forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/PinnacleofTruth

IRC : #PoT (coldfront)


Official Charter of the Pinnacle of Truth (PoT)

The goals and ideas of PoT is to create an alliance focused on having fun and enjoying the game.

Article I: Membership

Member nations of Pinnacle of Truth (PoT) known as Pot Heads are expected to be courteous and polite at all times, both with fellow alliance members, or foreigners, both in private,and in public channels.

We have an Open Door Policy which allows any PoT Head to voice any concerns with the alliance as a whole or in private with any of the governing body.

Article II Government

The government is a TRIUM set leadership. All three members maintain equal control. For any major decision , treaty,and/or charter amendment a 2/3 TRIUM vote is needed. The Trium will maintain direct control of all three major departments.

Trium of Internal Affairs =The ToIA is responsible of the inner alliance dealings, may assign any and all deputies/directors as needed to run the department. Oversees the Finance Dept, Academy, Recruiting, Commerce, Compliance and any other area that will promote inner alliance activity.

Trium of External Affairs = The ToEA is responsible of all foreign relations within the alliance, may assign any and all deputies/directors as needed to run the department. Oversees the Embassy Hall, and OWF dealings and announcements for the alliance , and any other area that will promote foreign relations for the alliance.

TRIUM of Military =The ToM is responsible for the training ,directing and organizing the alliance military readiness. May assign any and all deputies /directors as needed to run the department. Over sees the military readiness and training of the PoT.

Trium positions are permanent and can only be impeached by a 2/3 Trium and a majority alliance vote combined. Any Pot Head can request a impeachment vote by submitting a PM to all members of TRIUM and it will be put to discussion.

In the event a TRIUM member decides to step down a 72 hour notice must be given and the leaving TRIUM reserves the right to appoint his/her own replacement.


* Tech raids are strictly prohibited in the PoT, the benefits of raiding does not compensate the risk being taken.

* Engaging in the acts of war is strictly prohibited unless there is approval from the Trium of Military. If you are attacked, report immediately to ToM, or in his absence, any member of the Trium. Peace should be offered as soon as possible. Any war action must be approved by the TRIUM , as they are the only people with the authority to declare war on any other nation/alliance. In the event that the Trium is absent the Secretary of Defense may step in and decide on the immediate actions to be taken in the event of an unprovoked attack on 2 or more nations within PoT.

** Any declaration of war without approval is grounds for immediate expulsion**


Forum Activity (The 10-Day Rule):

It is mandatory that each nation remain active on the forums. You will need to make a post at least once every ten (10) days. If, for any reason, you cannot do this, you must notify the PoT Government. 15 days of inactivity on the forums can result in expulsion from PoT.


Anyone wishing to resign their membership to PoT is required to give 48 hours written notice to the PoT Government. All aid and/or loans given by the PoT (start up aid, etc) must be paid back in full.


Any member of government can be put up for impeachment by any member of the PoT with due cause. A PM must be sent to the TRIUM and must include due cause for impeachment in detail.. All members of government (including the accused) will be notified. Impeachment proceedings will be a vote by the TRIUM .It takes a 2/3 TRIUM vote plus a majority alliance vote to pass a impeachment.

Basic Laws

Anti-Spam Law- Spamming is prohibited in any forums except The Spam Zone

Anti-Spy Law- Spying is completely prohibited. No questions asked.

No Debt Law- No nation will be approved if they have any debts with any previous alliances.

* All members must abide by all rules and laws within PoT and respect the decisions made by the TRIUM.*

Dated 09April2009

Signed by:



And just for those people who use to pick on us PoT Heads in high school, we have signed a Protectorate with Invicta.

The Someone To watch Over Me Accords

A protectorate treaty by and between Invicta and Pinnacle of Truth (PoT)


In the interests of further helping the development of friends and the Purple neighbourhood, Invicta and PoT agree to the following treaty:

Article One

Invicta henceforth recognizes PoT as an alliance and affirms a commitment to protect and develop it. Per this affirmation:

A. Invicta agrees to intercede in incidents, by way of military, financial and/or diplomatic aid, where PoT are attacked without warrant.

B. Invicta agrees to provide logistical support and advise in the development of PoT, but affirms the sovereignty of Pinnacle of Truth and its members.

C. PoT agrees to seek the approval of Invicta government when they are about to enter into a treaty with a third party, except when the treaty sought is akin to a Non-Aggression Pact or Treaty of Friendship.

D. PoT agrees to seek the approval of Invicta for any aggressive action that is under consideration, and will do so at least 48 hours before commencing such action.

E. PoT agrees to base their operations on Purple Trading Sphere and pursue relations with their Purple neighbours, which is to include potential affiliation with signatory parties of PEACE.

F. PoT agrees to avoid negative incidents between themselves and Invicta's directly treatied allies.

Article Two

Invicta and PoT agree to remain in regular contact by way of forums and IRC, and remain cordial and supportive of one another in public venues.

Article Three

This treaty shall be reviewed ninety days after the announcement of its ratification to Planet Bob. During such a review, Invicta and PoT shall decide whether either to continue the treaty, upgrade it, or discontinue it.

Additionally, either side may agree to terminate this agreement by providing notice of 48 hours.

Rattlehead, Trium of Internal Affairs

Shavar, Trium of Military

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At first i was excited when i saw this but the lack of planning as someone previously mentioned really killed the good feeling. I mean so close the the twentieth that you really should have waited. Then you blew it on the time by only about 40 minutes as well. Also as someone else mentioned green would have been a better choice. Greens > Purps

That being said i wish you luck still!

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