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A Purple Unity Announcement

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We, in the Purple Sphere, decided to make a step further toward unity and mutual protection. Promulgating this amendment was easy : everyone was ready to make some efforts to make purple a real shelter for those we call friends and those who would want to join us.

So we hereby declare that the PEACE economic bloc contains now a military clause.

Article X: War

a: In the event of a defensive war, the other signatories are highly encouraged to support the engaged signatories military, economically, and/or politically to said signatories.

b: If one of the PEACE alliances engages an offensive war, the other Signatory Alliances are encouraged to provide military, financial, and/or political assistance should the request for it be made and deemed just by the signatories.

It gives the opportunity for all purple alliances in the PEACE bloc to help each other, member of Poseidon or not. We just spread some more purple love and sexyness... We’re that generous and awesome in PEACE !

Signatories :


NobodyExpects, Trium

moshea, Trium

topgun0820, Trium

For Invicta

Jorost of the Triune Republic, President

For the Legion

King William IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Arbiter, Minister of Economics

Xineoph, Minister of Internal Affairs

totem, Minister of Defense

Lincongrad, Speaker of the House

For the Mighty Armed States of Honor

Col. Fitswilliam - Commanding Officer

RpR Francheezi - Executive Officers

Bedford Forrest - Foreign Affairs Officer

Kazanecki - Deputy Foreign Affairs Officer

Flonker - Senior Drill Instructor

Justavictim82 - Deputy Drill Instructior

Dran - Enlistment Officer

Gorrillaballz - Deputy Enlistment Officer

IBurnmyCD - Economic Officer

zachb - Deputy Economic Officer

For Nebula-X

Dan2680, Emperor

Mr. Teets, Overlord

Thom98, Overlord

Aetherius Princeps, Minister of External Affairs

XBRYANX, Minister of Internal Affairs

Cakes, Minister of Finance


Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR

Drall of Phyrexia, Power Behind the Throne

Heheurfunny of Land of Hehe, Director of Damage Control

Madam CaVi of Spehan, Director of Illicit Affairs

Hlaine Larkin of Reikland, Director of Making Nations Rich

President S O of Replubic of Austra, Director of Alliance Relations

For The United Purple Nations

Altheus, Founder of the UPN

Hansarius, Chancellor

Warlord_Nazrag, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Becks For Dinner, Minister of Internal Affairs

Magister_Agricolarum, Minister of Defense

Abdur, Minister of Recruitment:

Ancient Iago, Minister of Communications

DonVox, Minister of Finances

For Valhalla

Chefjoe, Regent

The Pansy, Poseidon Representative

Yavanna, Poseidon Representative

Seipher Caim, DMoFA/Poseidon Representative

Edit: missing word

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I am so pleased that we were finally able to set aside our differences and work towards something that benefits us all. Two years ago, I would not have thought it possible that we could get to this point. But we have made good use of that time, and through the hard work of many many people, we have finally arrived.

o/ Purple Unity!

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Congrats to Valhalla, BAPS, Invicta, Legion, MASH, Nebula, SNAFU, and UPN on this... Economic Blocs are always nice and adding an optional defense clause just makes it better. Good luck

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