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[CNRP] The Throne Sits Empty...For Now


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OOC: BaronUberstein, Kaiser Martens, Brian Reimer, Botha, Sarah Tintagyl, Sumeragi, Margrave, and JEDCJT naturally have an invite, any else who want in can try and convince me via PM. :P



Namibe City

Ranather Rukia sat in his Offices at the back of the Palace of St. Simon, the administrative wing of the Basilica of St. Jude. He sat looking purposefully at various maps and reports filling his desk. Various pieces of intel sat prominently on his desk. Military movements, flights, things of that nature. He looked up as he heard the door creak open. It was Ordinator Commander Berel Sala.

"Milord. Work has begum on launchpads across the territories. Engineers expect to begin testing missiles within the month."

"Excellent work, Commander Sala. Do we have a range estimate?"

"Preliminary tests and simulations show that the entire Commonwealth is covered as well as a significant portion of Northwest Transvaal, Association, and parts of Mozambique and Serca."

"Very well, see if we can't get those numbers up, funding guarenteed."

"Yes, milord."

As soon as Cmdr. Sala has removed himself, Rukia pulled a file out of his desk. The tab read 'M' he pulled out a picture and muttered to himself.

"I knew you couldn't hide for long."

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Rukia put away that particular file and stood up. He moved over to the bay window looking over the rolling sea. Ever since he returned from the north, a new calmness had taken him. But everyone knew what that meant. A calm and collected Ranather Rukia could be infinitely more dangerous than the bold, arrogant Emperor he had once been.

The man gave not a second thought to the opinions of his subordinates and outsiders on the matter. He had a goal and now had the means, and slowly, the support to achieve it. Roughly 80% of the Commonwealth districts across the country were now under his influence. Far more than the 60% required for a unification referendum, and with a military expansion underway, it was only a matter of time.

His only true concern, as it always was, was Transvaal. Newly nuclear no less.

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OOC: Certain parts of this post will be considered public and will be labeled as such.

IC: Rukia had made sure to dress his finest for his address to the United Commonwealth Congress. The entire body knew what was to be said, though it was difficult to guage how the outside world would respond.

"Sir, it's time."

"Of course."


The applause of the crowd was almost deafening. Ranather Rukia held up his hand for silence as a set of numbers appeared on the screen behind him.


95% Affirmative

3% Negatory

2% Abstain


99% Rukia

1% Tupov

0% Agobe

"The results speak for themselves. The people have spoken and you have voted." As Rukia finished this sentence, the five percent who dissented walked out to jeers from their peers and he yet again held up his hand for silence.

"In affirmation of Proposal One, the Triumvirate Council of the United Commonwealth is hereby dissolved and in affirmation of Proposal Two I accept the title of Regent of the now truly United Commonwealth and the Emergency Powers that go with it. My first act under these powers is to dissolve the States and their Congressi and bring the entire country under the Emergency Authority of this Congress."

The congressmen fell silent as Rukia sipped his water before continuing. "Within one week, this body shall name a new Prime Minister and the territories shall be subdivided into Provincial units and elections shall be held to name Regional Governors, henceforth known as Praetors. Within two months new elections shall be held for the seats of this body, increased from fifty to one hundred. That is all for today, thank you."


The now-Regent Ranather Rukia stepped into the backrooms where he was immediately met by his military generals.

"Sir, we'll have our first working test missile ready, today."

"Today is a good day, indeed. General, ready my Chopper. I'll need to be present at the test."

"Let us be on our way, then, Sir."

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Several military men swarmed as the newly-crowned Kaiser's chopped arrived at the launch site. One particularly large girthed General slowly approached them.

"Reichskaiser, welcome to Launchsite Seventeen. The test missile is in standby."

Rukia saluted the man as he answered. "Aye, thank you General Gilnonorov. You're dismissed." The General left as several scientists came.

"Milord, this, as you are doubtless aware, this is no distance test. We are testing the launch mechanisms as well as protocols among the men. The dummy missile will launch off the pad, ascend to 30,000 feet and explode harmlessly over the base."

"Well done, Herr Doktor. Let us move to the safe zone at once."

"Of course, Milord."

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