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people disgust me

cello chik

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There is this person, sakuragirl, supposedly whom people have told me is a guy, that has come into my alliance channel, #app, and has tried to cyber people. I have offered he/she/it repeated warnings against this, as #app is a safe public channel with a good reputation for being clean and friendly. Now, sakuragirl has not only ignore my warnings, he/she/it has gone and told people that I cyber with people. This is just a warning to all alliances about the situation, which i find absolutely disturbing. I wonder what kind of person it takes to go into the same channel and repeatedly try to flaunt themselves at people. This can only be the result of a VERY sick mind. And as there are many CNers who are under 18, this behavior is definitely not acceptable. I ask CN players to kickban on site, especially since this person does not even have a nation, and just hangs out in CN channels.

Thank you!

-cello-chik of APP

[22:17:56] <sakuragirl> who wana have sex wit me and macora

[22:19:12] <sakuragirl> we need a boy or girl

[22:19:34] <&Bungalo_Bill[ACV|BrigGen]> XD

[22:19:41] <&Bungalo_Bill[ACV|BrigGen]> I'll join

[22:19:43] <&Xaero> dry.gif

[22:19:48] <&Xaero> it's a tarp!

[22:19:52] <&Aisrep[RnR]> ^

[22:19:55] <sakuragirl> no?

[22:20:05] <&Xaero> I wouldn't trust you

[22:20:17] <sakuragirl> y?

[22:20:27] <&Xaero> first you say you hate me, then you say you like me, then you say you would join me channel...

[22:20:31] * Xaero runs off crying

[22:20:40] <&Bungalo_Bill[ACV|BrigGen]> Then you ask him to have sex with you

[22:21:06] * Woopsi[RDD] (another-id@coldfront-37399661.ispone.net.au) Quit ( Ping timeout )

[22:21:11] * Xaero is now known as Xaero|Depressed

[22:21:14] * Bob-o[Valhalla] (fritzra@coldfront-A0BF5BDF.mco.bellsouth.net) Quit ( Ping timeout )

[22:21:45] <&Kharn> xaero doesn't handle rejection very well

[22:21:54] * Aisrep[RnR] (Mibbit@coldfront-B328D40.dk.wku.edu) has left #app

[22:22:03] <&Xaero|Depressed> actually... that reminds me of the last girl I liked... only instead of lasting about a month, we went through it all in 24 hours

[22:22:25] <~Joracy|ODN> lol

[22:22:45] <sakuragirl> so any one want sex

[22:23:04] <&Xaero|Depressed> well... umm... anyone who was wondering, no she never liked me, we had just argued for a month straight...

[22:23:26] <sakuragirl> haha

[22:23:28] <&Kharn> hmmm a strange woman offering me sex....can this go wrong?

[22:23:36] * Hawk[RnR] (Hawk@coldfront-F82CFBDC.dyn.optonline.net) Quit ( Ping timeout )

[22:23:46] <&Xaero|Depressed> in maybe STD related ways

[22:23:49] <&Xaero|Depressed> many*

[22:23:56] <~Joracy|ODN> It's cybersex

[22:24:05] <~Joracy|ODN> I don't see a major STD threat

[22:24:13] <&Xaero|Depressed> viruses

[22:24:15] <&Xaero|Depressed> spyware

[22:24:17] <&Xaero|Depressed> malware

[22:24:22] <&Kharn> ...

[22:24:24] <~Joracy|ODN> I think you are fairly safe on coldfront

[22:24:33] <&Xaero|Depressed> use protection!

[22:24:41] * Xaero|Depressed looks for avast coupon

[22:24:44] <sakuragirl> click my name and ill have sex wit u

[22:25:01] * Eveready[Legion] is now known as Eveready[Away]

[22:25:08] <&Xaero|Depressed> wait... she said she was 16?

[22:25:18] <&Bungalo_Bill[ACV|BrigGen]> I wonder what cello would do if she was here XD

[22:25:20] * Xaero|Depressed is now known as Xaero

[22:25:33] <~Joracy|ODN> SSSW16 just doesn't have the same ring too it...

[22:25:34] <&Begovic> kb.

[22:25:42] <&Xaero> this is a crafty undercover police officer posing as a teenage girl... usually they claim 14

[22:26:06] <&Kharn> pic?

[22:27:22] <sakuragirl> click on my name 4 sex

[22:27:51] <&Xaero> neva!

[22:27:55] <&Xaero> it's a tarp!!

[22:27:57] <&Kharn> lol


[22:28:28] <&Xaero> EXACTLY

[22:32:30] <sakuragirl> dont beleve me click my name

[18:27] <panda|kooly> yeah and he said thast he cybered wit U
Edited by cello chik
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i am sorry people are sucky in your channel cello chik, although this is why i make sure in my private channels people are aware 18+ stuff happens.

This happened in her public channel. It is not someone who plays CN. Most likely an online predator of some kind which Cello is warning against. It's very sad that some people have to do these types of things. IRC should be something that anyone can enjoy, and people's private lives should stay just that, private.

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your channel is full of filthy nasty people who use vulgar expletives and make fun of people. I refuse to enter your channel of cooties. Your alliance has been voted off the island, and will no longer be invited back to the sandbox or swings. Please enjoy that slide that no one wants to play on and is too short to really enjoy sliding.

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This reminds me of the time I had to fight 10 African giraffes with amniotic fluid smothered on them.

People make me laugh. Even myself.

I see the relation between these two events. It is as clear as day.

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