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CSN Treaty Announcement


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Show me a completely smooth operation and I'll show you a cover up... ~Darwi Odrade

We've been close friends and allies with United Sovereign Nations for some time now, cooperated on a regular basis, and seen ourselves shrink and grow. Unfortunately in our separate growth, our paths have diverged to a point that where one goes the other cannot follow, and to ask the other to do so is more than should be asked of another sovereign entity. As such, 72 hours ago the cancellation clause of our Mutual Defence and Aggression Pact was enacted. And, with the aloted time passing, the Pact is now canceled.

Take note that we plan to continue to cooperate with United Sovereign Nations through the Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon and the Chestnut Accords, and hope that our friendship will survive these troubled times and flourish once again in the future.


Head of State and old man with a cane

Allied Threat,

The Great Heretic

It is a sad day for The Commonwealth.

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This is not the end of our friendship.

The ending of a written friendship, then. To cancel a MADP is a big deal, as you are no doubt aware, and shows that the relationship between CSN and USN is deteriorated, at least in some regards.

(Yes, I did read all of it, still connected through Maroon unity bloc, but its not the same level of relations)

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Wow... this was NOT expected. :blink:

I hope USN and CSN can patch up what ever caused this, but this -

This is not the end of our friendship.

- gives me hope that things will work out. :)

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This is sad. I remember when you both stood up for GATO together, I thought you had one of the strongest bonds in the game. Good luck to both of you.

^to add to this, I would certainly like to see you guys re establish relations soon.

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I have always had a great deal of respect for both alliances, especially since their honorable behavior during the GATO war. I hope that relations improve in the future, and bonds can be reformed.

Also, hai goose

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