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Announcment from the Mushroom Kingdom Technological Bureau


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Greetings and Salutations meager and inept plebs.

As some of you may know, the communications department of the Kingdom, namely our IRC deparment, has come up with a magnificent new policy. As of several weeks ago, the Angry Trace Doctrine has been applied in full force in #mushroom. The Doctrine is as follows:

The Angry Trace Doctrine

  • [1. Pertaining to and applying only to public messages from users in an alliances irc channel.
    2. In regards to all messages ending with /amsg, (sorry for the amsg), -amsg, or any variation of the aforementioned.
    3. In regards to all messages that can be traced as having been broadcast across multiple channels at the same time even if not having included one of the tags in section 2.
    Punishment: All individuals/groups found to be broadcasting such offensive and inappropriate messages as labelled above are to warrant at least a kick from the channel.
    Punishment II: More egregious offenses such as advertising for temp trades, announcing moronic news or just downright annoying individual messages can warrant a ban at the operators discretion.

After initial trial uses, the above policy was implemented full time in the Mushroom Kingdoms public channel. Following its wild success, other channels, such as Umbrella and the Siberian Tiger Alliance have begun to implement this guiding beacon of light. I urge others to adopt this policy, and give them full permission to apply the reason to the kick or ban as (Angry Trace Doctrine), without fear of harm from copyright laws.

Edit: Apparently the Greenland Republic channel also follows these rules. My apologies.

Thank You for your time.

The Mushroom Kingdom Technological Bureau

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Top Posters In This Topic

This is ridiculous. I object to this moronic policy. I will only support this doctrine if a subsection is added as follows:

"Punishment II.A: that monster game people keep spamming that has been censored here = instaban"


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I will expose myself as an IRC ignoramus when I say that I didn't even know about this feature until today when Haflinger referred me to this thread. However, after using it to make fun of Haf in multiple channels simultaneously, I will say that i agree that this is a weapon that should be kept out of most people's hands!

Consider me signed on!

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