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Uralic Bashkortostan Wants To Help


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[OOC] Fail stomach flu is fail. Yes, I had it IRL. <_<[/OOC]


Jarkko Salomäki returns to his office after spending several weeks at home, having caught a bad case of the stomack flu, only to find texts of Martens' speeches and reports of Molakia having razed Viipuri - his hometown.

It was reported that a loud "PERKELE!!!" was heard from outside the office when he had finished reading the memo of Viipuri's destruction

Furious and in tears, he calls an emergency session of the Tribal Council to discuss the matter at hand.

The outcry was vast.

After the meeting, a more composed but still-furious Jarkko took the podium in front of the Tribal Council Chambers in Ufa and gave the following speech.

"The people and Council of the Tribal State of Uralic Bashkortostan unilaterally condemn the aggressive acts against Slavorussia by numerous nations. On top of that, we specifically condemn the heinous acts against the Uralic peoples in the region near St. Petersburg, especially considering the ludicrous claims made by a member of the allied forces attacking Slavorussia, one Kaiser Martens by name, that the Uralic people are being unjustly treated by Slavorussia. If anything, the Uralic people in general still look upon Slavorussia with nothing but fondness. As one of her former citizens and being Uralic myself, I know this too well. The sheer duplicity of the European coalition sickens me to my core.

Since revenge attacking is against Christian principles, we will not be declaring war on Molakia for their actions in the Karelian Isthmus. For those who would call us hypocrites because of the Dark Hand campaign, that war never was about revenge to begin with. It was about fighting against true evil.

However, we are officially at DEFCON 2, our militia divisions are fully mobilised, and we are re-sending our request for one million board feet of lumber to RUSSIAN, so we can build refugee camps for those fleeing from places like Viipuri."


The area in red is the Karelian Isthmus. Vyborg, which is called Viipuri in Finnish, is there. Sorry Comrade, I had to pick on you, since that area would have been one of the first places you'd've hit on the way to Saint Petersburg. :P[/OOC]

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