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The Ashland Doctrine


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The Ashland Doctrine

Foreign Affairs

- We will not interfere or destablise any foreign governments either through sabotage or incitement of ethinic minorities.

- We will never attempt any aggressive expansion, either in South America or anywhere else.

- We will not attempt to export Socialism to any other countries as we believe that the people must decide their government for themselves.

- We will be engaging to any country who wishes to establish foreign relations with us.

- We believe there is never a last word in Diplomacy.

Colstream Military

- We will be augmenting the Colstream Army with new recruits and renaming it to the Colstream Peoples Army (CPA).

- The CPA will be used in defence only.

- The Colstream Air Force will be increased in strength to protect Colstream airspace.

National Defence

- Building of a frontier defence system will begin, but will be manned by 3-5% of the Colstream Military so to provide some security to the country.

- Borders will be tightened slightly, but freedom of movement will not be restricted.

- We will be adopting a fierce defence of our airspace and any unidentified aircraft will be contacted twice. If they don't respond after being contacted the second time, an order will be given to shoot the aircraft down.

- AA Defence Systems are being installed along the coast and inland. All aircraft passed over must have a valid IFF signal, otherwise it will be shot down.

- All offensive missile silos will be sealed and use will be only be authorised by the Colstream President

- Chemical Weapons will be never be used by Colstream.

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