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The Crimean Krozdeg


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Empress Carbon announces the new Krozdeg and opened the first session.

Empress Stephanie Carbon has announced the craetion of the Crimean Krozdeg. The Krozdeg will be the governing power to balance that held by the Empress and her cabinet.


The Crimean Krozdeg Building on opening day.

Crimean Krozdeg Session I - Flash from the Krozdeg

Krozdeg Senior Member Robert De Soto has brought up the debate of the Slavorussian situation. "Our comrades to the south, Vaule, are locked in debate over the situation in Slavorussia. We are tied to the RUSSIAN Pact, however, we must think of Crimea Iso before ourselves."

Another member quickly raised his hand, stood, and began talking, "Crimea Iso and RUSSIAN are both top priorities, sir."

"I beg to differ," said De Soto, "The question we must ask is can Crimea Iso afford a war at the other end of Europe."

A member rose and spoke, "What has Empress Carbon said? What is the decision of the Empress and her Cabinet?"

"They are also locked in debate," explained the Senior Member, "The Tup Bress wants war, but our Icunumia Dorictur says we can't afford it. Do we have an Economy Commitee report?"

Another member stands, "The commitees haven't been formed yet, sir. We can take a recess and sort them out if it is your wish."

"That'd be great."

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***Private message to the Crimean Krozdeg***

You think you will not be able to afford this war. But we say to you...what of the next one? If Slavorussia falls, who will be next? It is not only through treaty obligations you should help them, but also in your own best interests.

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Crimean Krozdeg Session I - Flash from the Krozdeg

A large plasma screen dropped from the Krozdeg ceiling and the Crimean News Service (CNS) was being watched by the Krozdeg members. It showed videos of the Vaulian mobolization against the Nordland Coalition.

"I think we all know what we must do," said Senior Member Robert De Soto, "All in favor of a Crimean declaration of war against the Nordland Coalition and in support of our ally [Vaule] please applaud now."

The Krozdeg erupted in applause and cheering. Crimea Iso was off to war...

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