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Imperial Alliance


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The Imperial Alliance hereby announces its presence and sovereignty over the Kerguelen Islands. Interim administrator Stephen Othran is presently commanding forces in the region. A statement from the new government is forthcoming. (OOC: Full gov specs, and details will be provided soon :))

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OOC: Constitution thing/history; basically treat the history's descriptions of systems and details as classified. TLDR: The Alliance will be basically a benevolent manager state; its leadership is outwardly an autocracy, but there is a one party structure and a large bureaucracy. The government in general is basically authoritarian socialist there is no private property or companies. The social system is basically a meritocracy there is universal education up to a point and then testing which can lead to the bureaucracy tract or to industrial labor/workers. Its probably a more realistic conception of a socialist nation rather than the Utopian workers/anarchist councils and all the things floating around out there, but oh well.


Imperial Alliance History/Declaration of Sovereignty

Ordinance of Sovereignty


Article I: Power

Article II:Authority


The origin of truth cannot be denied without fallacy to the notion of strength or its modern manifestation of power. For power is itself the power to decide upon the exception. Therefore if power is sufficient its bearer may assert rather than be given authority to reign. As such legitimacy as it is often spoken of is in fact a lie and is thereby the subject of irony. For legitimacy is not an a quality given to a just ruler as an attribution of their justness but rather is an assessment made by the powerful upon those less powerful than themselves. Such an assessment is therefore made not based on a true conception of the good but rather is based on how inconsistent and rather incompatible their ruling ideology is to the other. Let us therefore divorce ourselves of deceptive ideology and the notion of legitimacy and simply assert the following. The moral world once thought absolute is now the matter of subjective understanding and power is the means by which particular notions of truth are thereby advanced within it. As such being a bearer of power and further being aware of how this world truly operates may it hereby be submitted that the state shall act always to promote the common security of the land, to maintain or improve welfare of all subjects, to further the interests of the nation abroad, and above all to serve the best collective interest of the people of the Alliance.

Article I: Power

Section 1: Sovereignty

Clause 1: The state shall be directed and governed by a single leader from which all power shall be distributed and stem. The office of this leader shall be that of the General Administrator. Said leader shall be sovereign and in the legal case infallible.

Section 2: Powers of the Administrator

Clause 1: The General Administrator may issue edicts which may restrict or mandate any action or behavior.

Clause 2: The General Administrator may define the state under him or her in any fashion that is deemed to be fitting.

Clause 5: The General Administrator may delegate the responsibilities of the state to any individual or group of individuals who may act as proxies to him or her.

Clause 3: The General Administrator may pass judgment on any subject, legal dispute, or legal case and therefore is the supreme judicial authority.

Clause 4: The General Administrator may act as commander in chief over the military, and command it in any way seen to be fitting.

Clause 5: The General Administrator is immune from all law.

Clause 6 The General Administrator may select and choose a specific successor or may transfer total power to another individual of his or her choosing upon resignation or death.

Section 3: Hereditary Rule

Clause 1: In so far as an alternative successor has not been selected prior to death or resignation, the rulership and thus the title of General Administrator shall be passed to the first born child of the most recent Administrator and shall be passed accordingly. Should a ruler die without assigning a successor and without bearing a child, the rulership shall be passed to the second oldest living decent of the previous Administrator, or the line of that individual should no living children of the previous Administrator be present. If the Previous Administrator has no living descendents then the previous Administrator shall be used and so on. If the entire familial structure has been eliminated then, the NGP’s present General Secretary and his line shall be given the rulership and be made General Administrator. If there is no General Secretary; then the Rulership shall be decided by the administrative committees of the Internal and External Ministry.

Article II: Authority

Section 1: Description

Clause 1: A duality between the external and the internal; shall be maintained by dividing the two between two different Ministries. Each shall be governed by a governing committee of bureaucrats.

Clause 2: The External Ministry shall have purview over diplomatic, military, intelligence gathering, and international economic affairs.

Clause 3: The Internal Ministry shall have purview over all matters of internal security, law and order, internal intelligence gathering, economic management, and other matters of public works.

Clause 4: The general goals of these bodies may be set by the General Administrator who may at his or her leisure direct their operations.

Clause 5: The internal structure and operations may be defined by the Administrator, or the respective Committees.


Stephen Othran Stephen Othran

General Administrator

Summary of History/present

After the nuclear war involving the Ferrous Pacific Bloc and the fall of Wighton and the Imperium, remnants of the governmental bureaucracies and leadership structures remained in correspondence. The private corperation solex which had been the Devereaux family’s legacy fell under the control of the Othran family through Stephen Othran one of the lesser known partners on Solex’s Board of Directors. When the former Imperium fell under the protectorship of the PAC; the former bureaucracy fled to the Kreugland Islands and met up with their acquaintances there. Forming a political party they agreed to make Othran their leader as he now had vast external revenue flows as well as the already establish military force of the Solex Office of Security. (note Othran is in no way linked to the Imperium or wighton) The party now an official entity calling themselves the National Governing Party; being mostly the educated experienced bureaucratic elite quickly became heavily influential within the local government. Using this influence they party brought in Othran and appointed him leader together with the support of the bureaucrats and his own military forces the local leadership became irrelevant and was pressured to dissolve. Othran in his first few months keeping the nation almost entirely isolationist began using his outside revenue streams as well as local resources to rebuild the nation and put forth a series of ten year plans. These were massive infrastructure projects described below.

Project alpha: Transformed the three sprawling major cities (which were not really that major >_>) into concentrated planned domed urban centers internally linked with robust public transportation systems, mainly maglev trains. Built public housing, education centers, and established a university in the capital “Centre”. The cities were further sunk into the volcanic rock making up the island making them entirely sub-terrain and with the exception of a few entrance points and some hills, invisible from the surface.

Project Beta: Built a series of industrial parks to provide industrial jobs to the non-party underclass who did not pass entrance exams to move forward in the educational tract. Exhaust ports open into the volcanic crater making any visible exhaust simply appear to be volcanic activity.

Project Delta: Linked the three major cities with a massive maglev system known as the “hex-lev” this is for large scale transport of people and goods.

Project Gamma: Built a central geothermal plant in the center of the island to provide public electricity to the entire island. Also built a large rectenna array to receive energy from the solar array controlled by Solex. Also constructed a subterranean power grid for distribution.

Project Sigma: Created a central laboratory built based on plans brought from the Imperium (Agenda Eleven); and resumed work on whatever projects could be salvaged. Also re-established the Osiris intelligence array with the help of Solex.

Project Omega: Established pod farming facilities in each of the three cities as well as created simulated temperate environments for the raising of animals and livestock. Fishing programs have also been established to bring in an additional source of food. Population control projects are also a central focus, birth control/contraception are universally utilized; a large portion of the population is the result of genetic engineering and artificial gestation, for those that choose to naturally have children there is a two child rule. There is also a fairly strict quota requiring an even number of men to women.

(OOC: All supported by my own infrastructure level 8500, as well as technology level of 3800+ putting me around 2021-2022).

Security projects were a major focus, since the new cities were almost entirely planned surveillance is omnipresent, and there is a large ratio or police to citizens as the entire military is housed at home during peacetime. The party being nearly omnipresent, and the heavy use of propaganda in education along with media there is massive loyalty to the nation and a general pride of being a subject of the Alliance. Security among the population is generally considered fairly sound.

The surface is used for training exercises. The mountain on the south western side of the island has a series of rail gun encampments, with the assistance of Osiris the waters around the island can be easily kept free of ships (if the need is required). A series of subterranean tunnel networks allows the military to further mobilize and easily control the surface as well as flank and surround invading forces with ease. Each of the three cities has several partially subterranean runways for the nation’s air force to deploy from, and the twenty five nuclear weapons are divided among five silos. There are further fourty ICBMs loaded with FOAB warheads, and ten ICBM capable Missiles with EMP warheads. The Navy further operates off the coast and maintains three surface naval bases/dry docks. In general the surface being inhospitable during the winter, and generally barren in the summer security is easy to maintain with the aid of Osiris.

Finally the political and economic system stands in sharp contrast to the absolute monarchy alluded to in the Ordinance of Sovereignty. While the High General Administrator does have near absolute power the rule is not really hereditary; the successor is primarily decided by the NGP. Overall even if the leader could do as he wished on most things maintaining authority is generally a balancing act of satisfying the different groups, that said the party’s intelligentsia, the bureaucratic elite and the military wield considerable power in the affairs of the state. The system is generally speaking a meritocracy and there is considerable social mobility. Education is generally universally offered, and all individuals have the chance to take the exams. The roughly the top twenty percent of examees are advanced into higher education where they become experts in administration, mathematics, and different social sciences. They are then assigned within the bureaucracy; this whole process brings in a steady flow of new bureaucrats, and mandatory retirement regulations exist to keep about the same amount moving out. Within the bureaucracy people may move up based on their competence, and the most effective bureaucrats go on to be members of the committees running the ministries. The top echelons of examees and bureaucrats also becoming leaders within the NGP.

The economic system is entirely centrally planned, the bureaucracy controls all means of production and labor, monetary policy is adjusted along with pricing and salary/wages to make things efficiently affordable for workers and bureaucrats alike. Foreign goods are generally unheard of with the exception of the top echelons of the bureaucrats and living conditions are satisfactory but generally austere. Almost all economic wealth is generated by exporting goods to foreign consumer markets; wealth is generally invested into public works; the military, or the expansion of the manufacturing industry. Most industry is focused on commodities rather than consumer items. Private property is somewhat of a blurred concept. There is no real way to know where the purview of the state and the individual begins or ends.

In summery; the nation is secure, the people are satisfied, and the government is stable.

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/me gets a head-ach really?

OOC: Ok i'll just RP off the solar power/make it geothermal considering its a volcanic island. The fusion reactor can be experimental and horribly inefficient, a science project, since I ultimately intend to RP with fusion reactors. Fair enough?

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