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An Announcement from The Brigade

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Recently as many of you know, we at the Brigade had a change in government. The old stepped aside, and the new blood rose up to take the reins and bring the Brigade into a new era of prosperity.

Then there are times when the old step aside, and some other old blood rises up, joints creaking, lungs heaving, bowels quivering, to retake the reins of power with weathered yet competent hands. Our beloved Zero! has decided to step down as the Grand Emissary Patriarch of the Brigade after a long and prosperous term of service. Though he will still be with us in our glorious alliance, he will be missed in government.

To take up the reins we have an old friend returning from the depths of re-roll to take Zero's place. You all remember him as Quadrophenia, now he is known by the name Segovia. We Patriarchs welcome him back with open arms and know he will be a great asset as he has been in the past.

As of this date, the government of the Brigade is made up of:

Patriarchs of the Brigade

Segovia- Grand Emissary

FoAmY99- Chief Commissioner

Xander Don- Supreme Commander

Judicial Council

Adrian LaCroix- Foreign Affairs

JB Dinglnutz- Internal Affairs

Captain Oblivious- Military Affairs

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Congrats and best of luck to everyone. Quaddy Segovia was always one of my favorites during my stay there.

:D I'm pleased to see that you are still around, Bando! The Foreign Division is lucky to have you in their alliance. We all miss having you around.. :(

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