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Nemesis is proud to announce the results of our first deputy election. At Nemesis, each member is allowed to vote for the two individuals that they feel are best suited for the position. The top two vote getters move on to hold the position of deputy for the next 60 days.

The updated Nemesis government for term II is as follows:




Van Hoo III

Defense Department

SpiderJ, Minister of Defense

Blacky, Deputy

Jordite, Deputy

Economic Affairs Department

meyer0095, Minister of Economic Affairs

DeathDealer, Deputy

draov, Deputy

Foreign Affairs Department

Sir Micahel Harland, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Left_Behind, Deputy

PrincessJules, Deputy

Internal Affairs Department

Mykep, Minister of Internal Affairs

Bob Ilyani, Deputy

Yawoo, Deputy

We are also pleased to report that we have crossed the 40K Average Nation Strength mark. An accomplishment we would have reached sooner were we able to rid ourselves of our lone ghost. :awesome:

Thank you.

Van Hoo III, Triumvir of Nemesis

tl;dr -

Deputies Elected: 8

ANS Achieved: 40K

Nations saved from ZI/PZI: 3 and counting ;)

Edited by Van Hoo III
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