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Lulz Union(LU)


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Hello, I am founding an alliance called the Lulz Union.

The main goal of this alliance is to provide a fully democratic alliance without letting badly elected leaders ruin it all. Also, the alliance is to be kept corruption-free.

The way it works:

There is an overlooker(Overlooking counsel coming soon,) who monitors the ministers, president, and makes any decisions that he thinks can't be left up to the ministers, or president. This is a life time term, unless the overlooker resigns.

There are 3 Ministers. Minister of Foreign Affairs takes care of business with other alliances, and is in charge of the recruiters, and foreign diplomats. Minister of Internal Affairs solves conflicts between members, and leaders. Minister of Finance manages the alliance budget.

The President has the duty of keeping all the ministers in line, and, if a minister is away, or vacant, the president performs the duty of that ministry.


Please join and help shape this forming alliance!

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