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500k bottles of beer on the wall

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Well ladies and gents I bring unto you today a humble message from the emperor's desk. This message may seem inconsequential to many, yet as a small yet important triumph to a select few. This is, because the milestone of five hundred thousand nation strength is in our minds the first barrier that an alliance must breach to enter the world of cyber nations from it's prior, frail, foetal position. Even though we have now entered the blinding light, rushing sounds, tastes and feelings of the cyberverse our fragility remains somewhat as we must still rely on our parental figures (Poison clan) for protection and instruction as to how we will look after ourselves when we are ready to open the front door and step out into the sunlight.

In other words, well done to everyone in The Forsaken Ones for this small, yet oh so important achievement. Now that we have two legs and two hands to crawl on things can only get better.

To a bright future,

Emperor Jens of the desert

Edit:It happened :smug:


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How have I not heard of you 0.o

Anyways, congrats and onward to 1 million! :awesome:

Need training in more awesomeness, stop by our IRC we'll help :P

Oh and Jens you fail :o Because Shigh said so :lol:

500k is highly subjective. To me 500k is the big milestone along with 50 members. As you are approaching these figures its difficult to get a solid government and structure in place. Few people take you seriously at 500k and virtually no one below 500k. If you can pass this minor moderate milestone you have solidified members and are starting to form truly cohesive AA potential which TFO has.

The next one is 1mNS though personally I'm cheering and racing for 2m. Nothing makes an AA secure, just to keep up you have to improve everyday.

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