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Announcement from The Galactic Republic and Fear None Kill All

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"Oh God, this Invasion turned Sexual” Pact


Preamble: Once upon a time, FnKa decided to randomly launch an invasion of TGR’s IRC channel, and after a few minutes of turbolasers firing and lightsabers sizzling, things got rather heated between some FnKa’s and Chimaera. This treaty is their mutant offspring, written by Chimaera.

Article Two: Article One sucked, so we cut it out of the treaty. This Article notes that Article One did not live up to its hype.

Article Three: Neither FnKa nor TGR shall launch any sort of offensive action against the other, whether it be verbal or martial in nature. Exceptions shall be made in the case of Call of Duty matches, channel invasions, and accidental nuclear apocalypses. Apocalypses shall be limited at three per week. Should this clause be broken, the offender shall be sentenced to listening to Cheyenne talk for 24 hours nonstop.

Article Four: Article Four recognizes that sentencing a criminal to listen to Cheyenne nonstop is a heinous punishment unfit for anyone except ty345, and as such that sentence is null and void.

Article Five: In accordance with the nature of a PIAT, this clause refers to intelligence, acknowledging that the undersigned alliances have a lack thereof.

Article V (as in the letter, not the Roman Numeral, because then we’d have two Article Fives, and that just wouldn’t fit): Aid shall be given upon request. Aid may take the form of optional military assistance, financial assistance, or morning-after pills. You know, just in case. We’re friends and all, but we might get a little too drunk at a party one night.

Article Schleven: If either alliance gets tired of the lovefest, they must announce it and wait 48 hours for it to be null and void. Also, TGR must send FnKa pictures of Gunslinger in a suggestive pose for the cancellation to be binding (hehe binding, like bondage).

Article Eight:

[15:25] <PrincessRo|TGR> oh god

[15:25] <Skapunk[FnKa]> I love this PIAT

[15:25] <Roy_Mustang> This is unreal.

[15:25] <Chimaera> THIS IS SPARTA

Signed for Fear None Kill All,

Metal Shards, Prime Minister

SilentFury, Deputy Prime Minister

Azaarious, Minister of Internal Affairs

ArchSorcerer, Minister of Finance

Platino, Minister of Defense

Appoliqize, Minister of Recruiting

Yankeesfan924, Minister of Foreign Affairs

SkaPunk, Minister of Approval

BlackBlack, Minister of Communication

ty345, Co-Author of this Treaty

Signed for The Galactic Republic,

Cheyenne, Supreme Chancellor of the Republic

Dementual, Vice Chair and High Envoy

Princess Ro, Senate Prefect

Burger, Grand Admiral of the Republican Fleet

Jaym, Grand Master of the Jedi Order

Chimaera, Chairman of the Intergalactic Banking Clan

Second Senatorial Council: Roy Mustang, Flyingscotsman, Braganza, Rupert of Hentzau

On behalf of TGR, I would like to say we are thrilled to add Fear None Kill All to our excellent cadre of friends; they have been nothing but amiable to us thus far, and we hope this friendship continues to blossom.

Edited by Chimaera
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Ahhhh.... my name STILL isn't on it... AND I HELPED WRITE IT!

....oh well.

o/ FnKa

o/ TGR

o/ awesome treaties that i helped write and didnt get credited for... <_<

PS I still love you guys. :awesome:

Edited by ty345
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