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[CNRP] Commonwealth Military News & Updates


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Today, in Lusakya, the three heads of state met for the first Commonwealth Defense Summit. The key talking points are as follows:

* The creation and expansion of domestic defense capabilities

* The expansion of Naval capability. The Commonwealth currently posseses one Oulu-class Corvette and one Iwamura-class QSV Landing Ship as holdovers from the exodus from Finland, but are currently mothballed in Namibe Shipyards.

* The creation and expansion of the Commonwealth's Long-Range and First Strike capabilities, both through Bomber and Cruise Missile Programs. Intended to neutralize threats withing striking distance, and or enroute to engage in hostile action against the homeland, and not to strike against enemy soil.

The United Commonwealth Congress has drafted a resolution amending the budget for increased defense spending and the initiation of the Cruise Missile Program could come as early as May 1.

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