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Azerbaijan inaugurates Navy

Agostinho Neto

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The 1st National Maritime Day Celebrations began here today with the inauguration of the Azerbaijani Navy (Azerbaycan Harbi Daniz Donanmasiby) Chairman Heydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev. The President wished the Marines a bright and successful future. Minister of Defence pinned the first miniature military navy flag on the wearing apparel of President Aliyev

The theme for the 1st National Maritime Day is “Meeting Defence Needs”. The principal objective of the Navy and National Maritime Day Celebrations is to create awareness amongst the countrymen about the Azerbaijani Navy and to underline its vital role in defending the country’s shores and resources

The activities of the navy are highlighted during the week long celebrations through different media which include special news-paper features, brochures or souvenirs, seminars, radio or TV programmes, workshops, exhibitions and competitions.

Today the Shipyard completed:

2 Kirov class battlecruisers:

AHDD Ilham Aliyev

AHDD Vladimir Lenin

1 Landing ship

AHDD General Husein Khan Turgut

2 Grisha V class Corvettes

AHDD Ali Kerimli

AHDD Justinian the Mighty

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Mikhail sent this official message to president Aliyev:

Hey buddy, good going with the navy, now if you only weren't stuck on a big lake. Ah, but seriously, great job buddy. You know, it's been a while since we've seen each other (I mean we've never seen each other), you should really come over for a barbeque sometime.


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