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Cross Pacific Treaty

Lord Frost

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Somewhere in the Pacific...

The two battleships barely rocked in the waves of the Pacific. Each had their rail guns trained on the other, only moments away from pulling the trigger. They circled each other constantly, neither losing sight of the other, neither out of gun range of the other.

In between both circling ships sat an Ocean Liner. It was a very luxurious ship, of a strange design that had not been seen yet before in the world.


There was no ID on the ship, no indication whatsoever as to what it was. The two battleships were still circling around, around the ocean liner.

On board the unknown Ocean liner in between the circling warships, Lt. Tatsyuo stood straight backed on the left side of a door. The room he was guarding was entirely sound proof, windowless, and locked tight. Tatsyuo glanced to his right, where his white counter-part stood just as rigidly, glancing in his direction. Neither had firearms; in fact, the entire security detachment from both sides were unarmed, as per the negotiation conditions (and so that an incident like what happened last time didn't occur).

"What are you looking at" Tatsyuo demanded, in English. It was that disgusting universal language that both sides spoke so they could communicate

"Nothing, communist filth" the Irish officer said, going quieter on the last part

"What did you say?" Tatsyuo demanded again, this time angrily. He turned to face the Irisher.

"You heard me..Communist filth" the Irisher said, now facing Tatsyuo

"Fascist scum" he spat back

"Take that back liberal!" roared the Irish officer.

Tatsyuo and the Irish officer both lunged at each other. They bit, kicked, scratched, punched, and ended up being in a tangled mess on the ground as they bitterly sought to kill one another. More security officers from both sides came around the various corners and down the hall to break them up.

"Hey get off!" one of the Imperial guardsmen said, trying to pry the Irish officer off Tatsyuo

"DON'T TOUCH HIM" one of the Irish Guardsmen shouted, punching the Imperial Guardsmen

On the Battleships...

"What the hell is going on over there?" Captain Minase asked his Lt., coming on to the bridge with a pair of binoculars. He looked over to the ocean liner and received a mighty shock. All the security guards sent to protect the negotiators were brawling all over the ship. Some people were going at it on the bridge, using chairs and fists to do as much damage as they could. The mess hall was literally a mess, there wasn't a spot where Irish and Japanese guards weren't having some form of fight.

"Great Buddha! They have decided to attack us! Lock weapons targets!" he ordered


The Irish Captain viewed the same thing on the Ocean liner. His reaction was a no different.

"Target that damned warship and blow it out of the water!!!!


Both battleships exploded in Rail gun fire

Inside that locked conference room....

Ambassador Kaede Kotosaka put down her pen. The air conditioning felt nice, and wonderful light jazz played quietly in the background. It was very peaceful in the sound-proof conference room. Her Irish counter-part, a one Ambassador Brien O'Miles, put down his pen as well.

"Well I'm so glad we could come to such a...a ground breaking agreement" he said, his face pleasant and his tone very friendly. Over the hours of negotiation (and procrastination), Kaede and Brien had become good friends

"Yes, I think your President will be please; I know the Emperor will. He doesn't want this treaty to go off without a hitch" she said

"Oh I'm sure everything will go smoothly"


Public Announcement

To finalize the growing Friendship between the Empire of the Rising Sun, Neo Japan, and the Republic of Tahoe, both nations hereby enter into a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact. This is the ultimate in Barrier-breaking; for once both nations stood as blood enemies of one another, now Allies and comrades. Let this treaty stand as a symbol of hope to all who think that the world is forever at war.

We are also pleased to announce that nobody died in the Negotiations of this treaty. Thank you


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The Tahoe Republic is pleased to have overcome our differences and found common ground with our new friends in Japan.

May the light of peace and prosperity shine over the Pacific.

In an exhange of frienship, President O'Deaghaidh announces he will travel to Japan to meet with the Japanese government, to achieve a personal relationship with the leaders of Japan to prevent any type of misunderstanding from occuring in the future.

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