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Fall Barbarossa Ausf B.

Kaiser Martens

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As Nordheim's Panzers rolled forwards and into the Baltic States enmasse, a pre-recorded transmission was sent, a speech by Týr, Lord of the Aesir, although Martens was there nearby too, watching, listening, before a large amount of troops with diverse flags of Baltic, Slavic and Russian heraldry if one knew to be observant enough.


Long have you suffered as you had to leave your homes behind. Karelia. Moscow. Russia. Balticum...and beyond. Long have you suffered knowing your families were left behind to die, as the Slavorussian Government enjoyed itself supressing and crushing their liberties, and often, their literal selves.

You had come to Nordheim looking for refugee and a new start...and you got just that...but the cry of the blood cannot be ignored. Many still know today that many remember them in their enslaved Motherlands. The Motherland, under attack, being punished by the own Leaders supposed to take care of it. But Norsemen, your Motherland is calling. She is under attack and the enemy is so intimate and internal that she has so far little help. But if Rodina is your Motherland, Nordland is your Vaterland, Mother and Father of Europe.

It is our responsability to risk ourselves to help the Valkyrie of the East break free. Our collective will can break chains, our collective thought can open streams of illumination. Father Odin has heard her call for help and has decided to lead us in a battle to recover what is ours.

On this day in October, many years ago, the Silver Revolution gave new life to the Continent. This time we are merely doing the same, for our brothers. When this conflict is over, Balts will be ruled by Balts, Slavs by Slavs, Uralic Peoples by Uralic Peoples, so will be the blooming now that the future belongs to us.

This is the battle to secure the Continent. The one who had pushed us to the limit of destruction will be punished, supressed, stilled, and cast out. We will avenge our Folk and protect our Children. We will be a dam breaking across their land to send forth the strongest flood the world has ever seen. There will be no memory, and there will be no hope for their corruption, for Victoria is our Mother and Wodan our Father, and then respect our final goal. A new era of European Peace will follow this, and the Nordlandic Sea shall be cleansed.

Today begins Fall Barbarossa once again.

And no man shall halt the will of the Norns



By then, the massive armored columns had entered Slavorussian territory, the soldiers so inspired by the speech began to do their job with enthusiasm. The Nordlanders were motivated by revenge, the large Baltoslavic elements from Nordheim had been deployed in specific groups to liberate their former homelands. It was a strange sight, seeing Germans, Vikings, the Red Army and the White Army hand in hand rushing through. At least in the Baltic, which had been Nordlandic Territory for a long time, people would welcome them. Then we'd see what'd happen elsewhere


Kampfgruppe Rurik:

Deployed to this Front: 230k Soldiers and 2300 MBTs

Led By: Feldmarschall Kaiser Martens von Nordland

Composed by the Divisions:

7.NH Krasnaja Gvardija: (Radikhov)

50k Soldiers

3.NH Belaja Armija: (Koroleva)

50k Soldiers

4.NH Baltisk Abteiling: (Vainamöinen)

50k Soldiers

2.NH Einherjar Korps: (Vargsson)

60k Soldiers

5.LKM Väringjarun: (Karlburg)

20k Soldiers (ELITE)

1.LKM sPzAb Wiking (Kaiser Martens)

1000 MBTs (ELITE)

6.NH sPzAB Wodansmacht

1300 MBTs

+Logistics Divisions (Noncombatant)


The transmission was then continued in the form of the Anthem of the Slavic Peoples of Nordheim

Martens looked in Moscow's direction from his tank and said,

"Idu na vy"

Their task was simple. They struck forwards and into the Baltic Lands on an all-out onslaught to liberate the region, like only Russians and Teutons knew how. It was terrifying to see them advance with such order. In the event of Nuclear Strikes, the troops were reasonably scattered as not to be outright wiped out cheaply. This had been learned from the Italian War.

All the new Nordlandic Equipment was being used after being tested, including the *EXTREMELY* well protected yet rather slow "Martens' Revenge" Heavy Tank, the tank with the most armor protection to be ever fielded in Europe by far save for the ancient E-100s and E-113s. It had been assigned to normal divisions, and not to the Panzer Divisions. Still, being slower than the others didn't imply it to be some sort of motionless turtle.


"We will NOT use WMDs, unless the enemy leaves us no choice by using them first."

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Televisions in every Prussian home flickered on in the predawn fog of the coming spring. The Prussian anthem began to play with pride and at a speed which all Prussians knew…Prussia was at war (


The first flash on the screen was something completely unexpected for viewers worldwide. A man of tall stature in nearly completely white and red regalia stood in front of a solid white back drop. It was their Kaiser, in full regalia (which had never been worn, not even at the coronation).


He raised his hand slightly and the music faded away with authority.

“To the people of the Prussia, the Nordic Confederacy and the World. I am the Kaiser Albert Tanzband of the Enlightened Kingdom of Prussia, and I come to you a man who has seen war darker than Baltic at night, and as chaotic as the great stories of Ragnarök.

I have seen nuclear war between brothers. I have seen men killing men…for reasons I do not know. And it is my utmost responsibility as a world leader to never allow such a traumatic event to occur on our planet again.”

He shuffled his papers, looking generally uncomfortable in the heavy regalia.

“For the past several days, the nations of the peaceful Nordic Confederacy—nations who were once enemies, bound together through common blood and thought—conducted military exercises to assure the safety of our nations as individual and a whole. The reaction that the leaders and military commanders in Slavorussia has been unacceptable and dangerous for not only the nations of the Nordic Confederacy, but also Slavorussian people, their allies, and the world.”

He sighed, for he had made this hallowed speech too many times.

“As we speak, land units numbering nearly five-hundred thousand strong are crossing the Slavorussian border to free the Baltic States from the grips of a madman. In addition, I have ordered operations to assure complete air supremacy over the western portions of the target nation, as well as severing any ports in the Baltic with naval power.”

He gestured toward a man the world had never seen before.

“My nation, this is Welkin Günter, a man I place my full trust in to command the entire Nord Gruppe in their campaign against tyranny in this world.”


Welkin smiled and flashed a quick salute to the camera, he was obviously new to the camera.

The Emperor smiled at the fresh blood in the world, “Operation Nordlicht has begun.”

--The camera cut off to a popular Prussian comedy “Two and a Half Valkyries”—

Off Screen:

“So…the time has come where the Nords finally take their rightful place in the world.” It was a woman’s voice…very womanly, but powerful.

She stood tall, and in a Greater Nordland Valkyrie Officer’s Uniform.


“Yes my Valkyrie…”, the Emperor spoke in pride and determination, “the campaign for freedom has truly begun.”

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Ukranian/Russian Border

1700 Hours

The atmosphere was calm in the town of Kyiv. German forces, at the border, had been preparing for weeks. Day after day, tons of supplies in the form of ammunition, fuel and various foodstuffs were constantly being shipped to the jump off point. To hide this massive supply train, German officials simply stated that their ally the C.S.S.R had suffered a catastrophic accident, and they were helping them get through the situation. None the less, some had their suspicions, but they were silenced by the Reich Security Bureau. Aside from the massive supply line, the German soldier didn't know about the operation either. Just like everyone else, they thought they were on training exercises in the country.

That attitude changed, when they were briefed by their commanding officer, Generalfeldmarschall Arthur Grosser.

Soldiers of the German Reich

We are about to embark on a journey, not yet seen before. Before us, lies the den of the lion. SlavoRussia. According to intelligence recieved from our intelligence agencies, they are preparing to attack us preemptively. This is evident by numerous satellite photos we have received, showing thousands of Russian tanks facing our borders. Upon seeing this threat, our Kaiser and allies, have decided to take the objective first and strike into the lair of the beast! In three hours, we will be marching to liberate the rest of Eastern Europe and flush out the scum who threaten our great Reich. Onward to victory!"

Most of the soldiers stood in shock; however, there were some who were absolutely thrilled, at the aspect of marching into SlavoRussia and getting payback on the nation that had helped carved up the Reich before. Needless to say, they would get their time, and it would be soon.

Opening Strike: Artillery and Air Barrage


Combination of air and artillery strikes

As dawn fell across the border, the atmosphere began thick with tension. German tanks and Infantry Fighting Vehicles stood still, with their engines on. Infantry were prepared as well. Finally, the signal was given.

The quietness of the front was broken by the sound of thunder as thousands of artillery pieces were launched across the border into Slavorussia. Artillery from the pre-positioned Self-Propelled Howitzers fired thousands of high explosive artillery shells. These shells were mostly unguided, as to completely saturate the area and obliterate any border defenses. The next barrage was launched. This was in the form of MLRS. German soldiers and other crews looked in amazement as thousands of rocket smoke trails launched into the sky.

These rockets were equipped with cluster bomblets, which would explode over the given area, killing any personnel or soft shell target. Indeed, it was a terrible and awe aspiring site to see, as thousands of explosions lit of the border area. In the end, the barrage would last over two hours and would exceed the tonnage dropped by the Western Allied bombers on the city of Berlin, in WWII.

The Luftwaffe began their attack, almost simultaneously with the Artillery. Lu-67 Tactical Multi-Role Fighters flew along the border. They unleashed their deadly payloads, which were one thousand pound GPS guided munitions. The Lu-67s would act in direct support of the ground forces. On the other hand, Xenian AWAC had set up an air defense perimeter. This would extend the range of the Lu-65 and Lu-67 RADAR systems, allowing them to detect incoming airbourne threats and react quickly.

Luftwaffe bombers were tasked with knocking out SlavoRussian RADAR systems. Each bomber held a maximum payload of five hundred Anti-Radiational Missiles. They mostly flew behind enemy lines, escorted by a squadron of Lu-65s. Upon reaching the border, they unleashed their payloads. The HARMs would turn on their active radiational detectors and dart towards enemy RADAR, at a speech of Mach 3. In the end, the SlavoRussian RADAR network close to the border would stand no chance; thus, blinding them to the activites of the Luftwaffe.

Second Strike: Ground Offensive


German troops from the 15th Panzergrenadier Division advance into Russia

The massive air and artillery barrage had concluded. Yet, the next step was yet to begin. From the various jump off points, the rumble of German armour was heard. Leading the massive armour assault was the latest in Reich technology. The Nakil 1A3 tank, one of the most technologically advance and powerful tanks. With their advance optics and other technology, they would be able to engage enemy armour far beyond their visual range. Basically, the enemy wouldn't know what hit them, until it was too late to react.

Behind the tank push followed the Arica I Armoured Personnel Carriers and the main warrior on the ground, the German Infantry soldier. Each soldier was equipped with their Xenias Combat Infantry Gear and AVIR Assault Rifles. They would be more than a match for the infantry of Russia. Some infantry units were also equipped with Man Portable Anti-Tank Weapons and Man Portable Surface to Air Missiles. This gave the typical german soldier the compacity to hold out against heavier threats, atleast until support in the form of armour arrived.

Supporting the infantry were the Arica I Armoured Personnel Carriers. A formidable infantry support vehicle, capable of killing soft and some hard shell targets. They would support the infantry in their quick advance, following up the breakthroughs achieved by the heavier panzer divisions. Supporting the Ground attack around the clock would be the massive 254mm Self Propelled Mortar system, as well as regular Self Propelled Artillery and MLRS. The Luftwaffe would run the occasional air to ground assault, if needed by the German Army.

Needless to say, the German army was a well rounded force, capable of fighting and destroying just about any target brought before it.


A few minutes after the ground offensive, the Kaiser of the Greater German Reich entered the Reichstag. The Reichstag was rarely called into meeting; which, showed the importance of the situation. After five minutes of applause, the crowd silences and the Kaiser began to speak.

In a time where actions are everything and words but little, I am stepping before you to give an accurate account of the situation before us. As you know, the Greater German Reich is a nation of peace, justice and social equality. But there are some nations who wish to destroy all that, for me and for you. One of those nations is the despicable SlavoRussian Empire. The SlavoRussian Empire has committed act upon act of aggression against this nation. First, they assisted in the invasion of the Greater German Reich, disposing comrade Kaiser Martens. With their help, our great nation was ravaged and pillaged. Not one working factory existed before I took office and the average income was only one hundred and fifty Reichsmark a month. It was during that time, that I asked the economic minister why half of our industrial compacity was unavaible.

He simply responded that half was sent to SlavoRussia as war reperation. When I became the Kaiser of the Reich, I tried to put this behind us. I approached the nation multiple times, but they refused all Diplomatic communication. However, recently SlavoRussia has decided to act again. When our dear allies in the Nordic Confederacy tried to conduct peaceful exercises. SlavoRussia again acted aggressively. They mobilized a million troops and five thousand tanks to invade. This evidence comes from our intelligence as well as foreign sources, which I refuse to name. I wish not get our friends overseas harmed. Our citizens were ejected from countries worldwide, on the orders of the SlavoRussian Empire. I'm sure any good nation wouldn't dare do such things, unless under the influence of bandits. However, the worse offense came when we received word that SlavoRussian forces were on high alert. It was at that time, I decided to strike. In order to save our fatherland from the SlavoRussian hordes.

My dear friends and comrades of the New Order and Greater German Reich. At this moment, our brave men and women are fighting the SlavoRussian hordes. From now on, bullet shall be met by bullet and bomb shall be met by bomb. We only wish to defend our fatherland from all threats, and I will do it by any means necessary. While there will be hardships, The Reich shall always prevail.

As a man of religion and prayer, I have been on my knees since the beginning of this operation. All I must say is, May God help us especially in this fight!

The Reichstag erupted in applause. The Kaiser saluted and walked off the podium, heading back to his Palace to oversea the war effort.

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Emperor Alexander I stood at the podium, his face one of anger, determination, and defiance, the kind that you would only ever find in a Scotsman, for that is where he was from originally. He had come to the Union as a small child, and sought to make his new country the greatest on all the Earth, one truly worthy of his heritage. He knew where he came from, and he didn't care who knew it, but it is of irrelevance to what he was about to do.

The microphone in front of him, he began to speak, the words flowing from his mouth. He did not even look at the paper in front of him. He was not even remotely nervous, he knew what he had to do and he knew it was right to do what he was doing.

"Comrades, I come before you today with a call. It is no secret that in the months passed since the last war, our former allies in Slavorussia have come to hate us, and do nothing but contribute negatively to the existence of every nation in the Nordic Coalition, people that are our brothers by treaty and by friendship and by our very blood. They have insulted us time and again, opposed us, and done all they could to undermine our power over our own lands and our influence in the world. No more.

Now comes the time when we, the countries of the Nordland, come together as one, as brothers, and we unite against the Russian threat. Long has Russia sat atop her throne made of nought but sticks and plaster. The lies perpetrated by Russia shall come to an end, as they shall come to an end. Never again shall people spit on us and our name again. Never. Never. Never.

It is for this reason, and for the survival of the good name of the Germanic peoples, that I, Alexander I, Prime Minister of the Union of Western Europe, with the approval of the Two Parliaments, as well as of all the Provincial governments within the Union, do officially declare a state of war with Slavorussia. We shall end the oppression and all the intolerance of the German peoples from the Russians. Never again shall they work against us to undermine us and to hurt our peoples. I call you, Dutch, French, Swiss, and Italians, to unite as one people, as one nation under the great flag of Germania, to relieve the world of Slavorussia. Forever shall we stand together, as one great nation. Heil Germania!

Wir alle kommen von Germania."

He stepped away, turned his back on a crowd cheering in unison, Heil Germania! Heil Germania!

*Classified Movements*

The Second, Third, and Sixth Air Force Divisions, as well as the Sixth Army have been moved to the CSSR previous to this speech occuring. The Second, Third, and Sixth Air Forces shall become the Grand Eastern Air Force, united under the command of Alexander himself. The Sixth Army, encompassing 100,000 soldiers and 1,250 armoured vehicles, has been moved to the CSSR to assist both Crimean forces as well as provide support for the First Army, which was already stationed in the CSSR performing drills as a part of a Nordic Coalition drill.

The Northern Navy has been put to sea, patrolling Union waters, however not leaving them. No Russian vessel will leave the Baltic, nor will they pass around Scandinavia. The Southern Navy has also been patrolling, in case Russian ships attempt to escape through the Black Sea and then through the Mediterranean Sea. The Seventh Air Force is currently patrolling the skies, and the SDI has been placed on high alert. All immigration/emigration has ceased. Missile defense systems are on high alert, and have been told to take careful note of the skies. All commercial flights into and out of the Union have been cancelled. Any foreign plane not providing identification as an ally will be immediately shot down, regardless of what type of flight it was.

The National Guard First Army has been put on high alert, and is currently patrolling the Alvonian/Union border. The National Guard Second and Third armies have been placed on high alert as well, and are patrolling the Welsh border. A sea wall is currently being constructed in both the North and the South, however more materials are concentrated on the Northern one. It is expected to be done within a week. It consists of exactly one thousand pillboxes, and hidden structures placed strategically along the beaches. Barbed wire, as well as tank traps and numerous mines, have been placed along the beaches in case of a sea invasion of the Union. In addition, the Second Army has been assigned to patrol the Northern Sea Wall and the Southern Sea Wall, and will be prepared for any attack by sea.

Arms Manufacturing Plants have been given double their usual funding, and several programmes have been struck from the budget for the duration of the war, mostly dealing with the funding of fairly useless research programmes and grants to major schools and universities. The extra money has been given to Defence, who has, as already stated, doubled the funding of the many Arms Manufacturing Plants in the Union. The Plants have doubled their employment rates, and thus begun producing military weapons at a rate 150% of their normal rate. Things such as missiles, tanks, guns, rifles, uniforms, armour, and other essentials to the Army will be prioritized. Air units are secondary, and Naval Units have been placed at the lowest priority at this point, except in Military Shipyards on the beaches, which have been told to do nothing but produce ships.

In addition, the Army Reserve has been placed on high alert, meaning that all members of the Army Reserve have been called to military training facilities to train further in case of a necessity of use of these troops. All 500,000 are currently on their way to Army Training Facilities.

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"Commanders," Oppøre said over the radio waves, "I have just received word that Operation Barbarossa is go. Repeat, Barbarossa has begun. Go kill some people, stick to the plans I gave you."

"Let slip the dogs of war," Oppøre said to his generals while watching a large screen, depicting battle views, news reports, and various entertainment programs.


Tanks, IFVs, and Self-Propelled Artillery accompanied each brigade (about 5000 soldiers). The tanks rolled in front, while the IFVs and troops marched behind the tanks, letting them be the spearhead. Behind, artillery would provide support for the front. Two armored brigades, consisting of only tanks and IFVs, accompanied each brigade. These brigades sat on the back flanks of each main brigade, and when the main brigade would see combat, the two armored brigades would move to flank and surround the enemy.

Behind the main force, companies of spesialstyrker troops would provide sniper support and UAV recon.

(insert fail image here)

In the air, high altitude recon planes were watching over the battlefields of the air, sea, and land. A squadron of the German Lu-65 planes protected each of the planes. A wing of mixed Lu-65s and Saab-39 Gripens would watch over the fronts and provide air superiority, while tactical bombers would send down bombs and napalm on the enemy.


The Baltic command was ordered to help in the blockade of the Slavorussian Baltic coast. They would provide support, and not full force power.


In total, one hundred thousand troops, 200 fighters, 300 bombers and 2000 armored vehicles travelled into Slavorussia. The invasion had begun.


Soon, news channels across Norsvea would flash the words, BREAKING NEWS, and the darkened face if Reichsvakt commander Jacob Asplund would come onto the screen.

"Citizens of Norsvea. For long, our unpleasant neighbors to the east, Slavorussia, have imposed their will on Europe along with the Ferrous Pacific and RUSSIAN. Slavorussia will now be the last seat of power on their European discrimination. No longer will we be looked upon as the shameful spawns of Nordland, but the proud sons and daughters of Magna Europa, Martens' greatest venture. Now citizens, our armies will be fighting alongside new and old friends, in honor of Kaiser Martens, Empress Gebiv, Baron Uberstein, and of course, our beloved Lady Tintagyl, and all the great leaders of Europe!"

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In response to hostilities to the South, ADI's defcon has gone to two, and the number of strategic bombers in constant flight has risen to 30. Forces stationed on the Solovetsky islands have been woken, are beginning to set up artillery, and are preparing tanks for the possible outbreak of war.

Within hours of the declaration, a breif, but clear message would be sent to coalition headquarters:

"It has long been a goal of ADI to control the White sea as internal waters, and our chance has arose. Our artillery is set to shell the Slavorussian coast there, our bombers are airborne to hit infrastructure and navy, and our military is set to invade. We merely ask to help you clean the only entrance to the Baltic you have yet to try and hit. After we finish our plans, we will of course help your efforts elsewhere. If you are willing to allow it, we would greatly appreciate it."

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Many Television sets in Molakia turn to the news at this time. Suddenly, the screen turns to the molakian flag and


Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov III appears, standing behind a podium.


Nikolai slams his hands into the podium.

"For too long have we sat idlely as the world mocks us! Today, MOLAKIA ANNOUNCES WE ARE HERE! I have given the order to our land forces to deploy and attack Slavorussia at an undisclosed location. Seventy Thousand brave souls will take Russian lands and give them back to RUSSIAN PEOPLES! FOR THE MOTHERLAND! FOR OUR BROTHERS!"

"As for the Nordlandic Coalition...We welcome you as brothers, as fellow liberators! We shall join this crusade to help our peoples, and to help yours! URA!!!"


Molakia-Slavorussia Border

The Road to St. Petersburg



70,000 Molakian soldiers and their vehicles move onto St. Petersburg in a lightning infantry blitz. Capturing this key city will cut supply lines and cause the Slavo's to move forces from the Central European front. Leading the charge is Antonev Frolov, commander of the 1st Molakian Infantry Division and overall leader of Molakian ground forces.

Molakian Armed Forces

1st Corps (The Molakian Anvil)

1st Division (Tsar's Fist)

General of the Armies Antonev Frolov

10,000 Infantry/APCs

2nd Division (Kotka Hammers)

Gen Sergei Ivanovich

4000 Infantry, 6000 Support Personnel and Artillery Pieces

3rd Divison (Royal Molakian Marines)

Maj. General Dmitri Ermey

10,000 Marines/Landing Craft

Supported by Molakian Coast Guard

2nd Corps (The Molakian Hammer)

Tsar Nikolai Romanov, CinC of Molakian Forces

30,000 Infantry

Several Hundred APCs and IFVs

Several Artillery Batteries

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She sat alone on a grassy hill over looking Brisbane River to the north holding her legs tightly against her chest. After the news of the Nordic invasion had reached her office in Brisbane, Sarah had only dropped the report to the floor and walked out towards the city conservatory about a mile away from her office. It was about midnight and the moon shown bright down upon the city. "So that was the finally evil, eh Martens, that was what needed to be done to ensure peace on Earth for the Nordic peoples. Nordic." It was a strange word, it was a strange people, people that desired to fight, but desired a homeland to live in peace. Now Europe would be Nordic and maybe these peoples who had for so long lived in chaos, disorder, and strive would finally begin to settle.

As Sarah stared up into the sky, she wished for the cold breeze in her hair and on her face, she missed the snow and the cold. But as she looked down at her hands, she smiled. For as long as she had been in Australia she had not changed, she still contained the Nordic beauty that only the northern Europeans possessed and she knew that she was still a Nord. A single tear ran down from her ruby eyes as she placed her head back down on her legs. "Mihkail." She looked at the stars. "Stay safe. Keep Europe safe, keep Europe save for me...for one day."

A cold breeze fluttered through the trees and Sarah smiled as she stood back up off the ground and opened her arms as the Valkyries of the East flew in the sky above her and embraced their sister.

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The European Fleet of the Tahoe Navy proceeded to sea out of Gibraltar to escort unarmed hospital and relief ships to assist in humanitarian operations in Europe for both sides, should it be requested.

Tahoe's government, practicing under their new policy of general neutrality in non-American affairs commented on the attack saying, "It was expected and we sincerely hope for a swift peaceful conclusion to the war so that peace may be restored to an already shattered Europe, still slowly rebuilding from nearly constant wars in the past years leading the rise and fall of nations."

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The Prussian Kriegsmarine thanks the people of Tahoe for their generous offer, however the Baltic has been made an official non-exclusion zone for all craft not affiliated with The Nordic Confederacy. As of now we must deny your entry into the Jutland strait.

If you wish, you may stay stationary in the North Sea as long as you fly pre-approved signal information and do not interfere in combat operations against Nordic Confederacy nations.

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The Nordic Confederacy has been given access to Mariehamm's over-the-horizon radar, which will allow them to see the launch of any large non-stealth planes and all long-range missiles in Slavorussia.


A no-fly zone for both sides has been declared over Mariehamm territory. SAM sites are active and we have gone to Defcon 2.

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Declaration of War from the Soviet Union

I see no reason to add to what our comrades have said. Everything that can be said with words has. Diplomacy will not work with a madman. We will end this reign of terror and brinksmanship once and for all. The Soviet Union hereby honors the treaty obligations of the Nordic Confederacy and declares war on the Slavo Russians.

Yuri's orders were sent down through the chain of command. “Generals are too attempt and avoid destroying civilian property in your assault, however, annihilate as much of the Slavo Russian Army as possible before it can retreat.”

The skies of Kharkov, Stalingrad, and other major cities in the Southern Caucuses find a full launch against them. 15 IRBMs carrying the latest EMP warheads from the CSSR were fired off towards those cities, with the aim of crippling them and their infrastructure. CSSR intelligence agencies would go to work on conducting massive attacks on the communications and jamming the transmissions of the enemy force. Additionally electronic warfare would be used to attempt and send enemies false signals on the front, and block channels of communications making communication with Moscow extraordinarily difficult.

4 squadrons of CSSR Stealth Bombers airborne from their military excercises accelerated to super sonic towards their targets in the enemy Their targets were key enemy supply depots, air bases, and communications arrays in the south. The bombers unleashed swarms of guided penetration bombs, which would accurately destroy both surface and submerged parts of the enemy target list. . Another two squadrons would target enemy missile sites in range of the CSSR to knock them out. At the same time, Stalin Class Missile Cruisers in the Baltic Sea unleashed an arsenal of ship to ground missiles and rail fire at the furthest Eastern border area between the CSSR and the Slavo Russians targetting the enemies, fortified positions.

The terrifying 8 Marx Class Nuclear Battleships unleashed their massive array from out to sea on the enemies, from behind the Crimean Pennisula, they unleashed their large rail weapons to blast away at enemy short positions in the narrow strip of Black Sea that the enemy had held. Careful aim was taken to make sure that the CSSR shells didn't violate the neutrality of Byzantium.

In the air 10 Lu-65s squadrons would enforce air superiority ruthlessly, engaging the enemy from beyond visual range with the latest in fire and forget missiles. 4 Buckneer squadrons of aircraft equipped with advanced jamming and countermeasures would bait enemy SAMs, firing long range air to ground missiles as enemies began to try and acquire locks on these aircraft. 12 F/A-9 Squadrons in the air from the exercises would swarm in on enemy airfields firing off long range missiles to knock out enemy aircraft before they could get airborne. Meanwhile, CSSR evolved sparrow missile defense sites, would open up on enemy aircraft in the area to wreak additional havoc.

For ground support, two additional squadrons of the B-10 Avengers would be used to carpet bomb enemy ground positions, and 5 Buckaneer squadrons would be deployed on anti-tank duty to knock out enemy armor, while the B-10s decimated enemy infantry.

350, 000 troops would thrust out of the CSSR borders to attack Slavorussian positions. Entrenched large fixed artillery would open up on the enemy positions along the border, armed with incidiary and cluster shells, subjecting the Slavorussian counter revolutionaries to a hellish baptism of fire. 300 Leon artillery strikes would fire GPS guided shells into enemy rear lines targeting suspected battlefield combat centers, as 900 Panzerwerfer M-2000 150 mm MLRS units, targeted enemy artillery and armor emplacements firing off barrages of guided rockets to precision knock out those units early on in the fighting. Bear Guided Missile Armored Vehicles, would unleash their massive arsenal of vehicle to vehicle guided missile to knock out any enemy choppers or forward armored vehicles/tanks as well.

Combat Engineers would be the first teams to advance across the borders, using their UGVs to help them detect and disable enemy mines and traps, supporting them were the fearsome apocalypse tank corps. These juggernaut weapons, were able to withstand most enemy ordinance without tanking much more than a dent and fire back with overwhelming force. These units would be sent against enemy infantry, aiming to destroy these forces while the mechanized infantry and standard armor, would play against the enemies own armor, which had been heavily bombarded. T-120 tanks would be the tip of the thrusts against enemy armored divisions, using their superior range guns and propelled shells to engage enemy armor and knock it out before it could begin to engage in fight. Behind them shock troopers and mechanized infantry would slowly advance. 150 Additional MLRS and 100 Additional Leons would be used to lay the enemy down with remote activated land mine shells cutting off units from escaping into hell on earth right as they would be facing the CSSR forces.

Private Message to the Byzantines:

Everything shall be done to respect Byzantine Sovereignty during the conflict.

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The Kreigsmarine began to leave out of it's naval bases in Keil and Denmark. They were not prepared for combat. Their main goal was to set up a non-exclusion zone in the North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat. These areas would be patrolled by the entirety of the Kreigsmarine, OTH-B RADAR complexes and other Anti-Ship and Submarine aircraft.

Any vessel crossing into the non-exclusion zone without proper clearance will be engaged by Kreigsmarine ships.

The Reich National Defense Command has put all coastal Anti-Ship and Rail Gun systems on alert.

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Martins, I knew it. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.


The more things change the more they stay the same.

This is the inevitable outcome of your return, another war in Europe, another pan-Germanic crusade, another ideological conflict.

The tune is familiar, this old ballet of death.

Is it worth it? If you spent a tenth of your efforts on creation rather than destruction. . .

I won’t even bother reminding you of your sole responsibly for everything that follows, you already know.


From the office of Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia

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Konungur Ty takes the podium with Forsætisráðherra Ísólfur Ármannsson and Utanríkisráðherra Steingrímur Vilhjálmsson standing behind him and begins to speak into the televised broadcast.

"Missiles have been launched and tanks have rolled today in an escalating conflict in Euro-Asia. As a result, the Norden Kingdom has been put on DEFCON 2 and the Border Guard is on full alert on both our coastal and New Northern Empire borders. Our reserve force of 90,000 soldiers has been mobilized in order to ensure the security of our great nation. We have also converted a number of factories for wartime use. I MUST make it clear that we intend to remain neutral as long as possible in this conflict. However, we are obligated by treaty and blood to help our Nordic bróðir and should Nordheim call for us, we will answer"

Border Guard

1st Battalion

2,000 soldiers

stationed along coastal defenses

2nd Battalion

1,500 soldiers

stationed along southern NNE border

3rd Battalion

1,000 soldiers

stationed along northern NNE border

Nordenian Reserve Force

Alpha Force

30,000 marines

stationed in Norden Kingdom

Gamma Force

30,000 marines

stationed in Norden Kingdom

Echelon Force

30,000 marines

stationed in Iceland

Troop Movement *Classified to Nordheim/allies*


30,000 marines have been deployed to secure Iceland. They will go into combat under the leadership of Martens should Nordheim call upon them.

Message to New Northern Empire Government *Classified*

You have been one of our strongest protectors and allies however we stand at opposite sides in this fight. Norden Kingdom is and more than likely will remain neutral throughout this conflict and we hope that this war will not destroy our friendship. Do not be alarmed by our increased border security, it is simply a result of the events which have occurred today.


Utanríkisráðherra Steingrímur Vilhjálmsson

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In the Moscow Kremlin Premier Vladimir Belyakov is finalizing his new appointments to his cabinet. The sudden resignation of Lady Kolesnikov had caused some tension among the ministers in the executive’s cabinet, and he needed to appoint several new members to replace those who intend to leave. As affixes his signature to the documents his aide barges in the room and throws a bulky folder in his face.


“What is this?” He says while opening the folder to review its contents. The aide remains quiet, and as Vladimir flips through the pages he notices its very familiar. “These are the images of the military exercises? Did they send us a report?”

The aide looks nervously at Vladimir. He’s noticeably shaking and sweating a lot, all he can do is shake his head and say no. Vladimir looks back at the folder this time paying special attention to the details. When he realizes what’s going on his face looses some of it’s color. As he reads on it becomes clear to him that the countries of Central and Northern Europe have not learned their lesson. His aide turns on the television and he is able to catch the speeches made by the leaders of the several invading nations. As he listens to the numerous falsities being spewed from their mouths like excrement from a cow’s $@!, his face turn from pale and pasty to fiery red. “Who do they think they‘re fooling? Nothing they‘ve said is true, not in the least.”

Vladimir looks across the room to his aide and shouts at him. “What are you waiting for?! Get the cabinet here now! I want the council of Generals here and get the tsar to safety! Go!” As the aide starts to run out of the room the premier stops him, and shouts one more thing, “And call a press conference.”

Only a few minutes later Premier Belyakov appears in the press conference room. He’s cool and calm and ready to show to the world the lies that led to this treacherous invasion. Every major news outlet in the country, and throughout the world is in attendance. As the cameras roll Vladimir fixes his tie and clears his throat.


“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming in such short notice. I’d like to thank members of the press for being here today, We have something very important to share with the world.

[short pause as Vladimir shuffles papers]

If you didn’t already know, we‘re currently being invaded by several countries to our west and at least one to our north. Their reasoning is that we‘ve oppressed the people of Eastern Europe which this empire has served. honestly and to the best of our ability. in some form or another for over one-thousand years.

We have been accused of oppressing our own people. The very same people who have, freedom of speech, freedom of the press freedom to practice any religion, universal healthcare, access to government funded educational programs, access to a number of other social programs, clean water, clean air, relatively free social, political and economic mobility and thousands of years of rich cultural heritage. If oppression all the things I’ve just said then yes we are guilty of oppressing the people of our Empire.

After the war with Nordland, Slavorussia received little to no reparations from the successor states formed in the wake of the war. The only thing we obtained from the war was control over Lithuanian, Lavtia, and Estonia, three of our former territories and later RUSSIAN pact allies. After the war a referendum was held and the people chose to return to the warm bosom of Mother Slavorussia. We did not forcefully exert our control over the region, like the government of Nordland had done years before. The German Kaiser never contacted the Slavorussian government, nor did his assistants and aides.

We have been accused of plotting to attack members of the Nordic Confederacy. With that are accusations of ethnic discrimination against the Nordic and German peoples, who the invaders have said, time and time, again are linked to our own Slavic and Russian people by a common brotherhood. In addition the Kaiser of Germany has accused us of putting massive numbers of soldiers and tanks on the border with the CSSR. I believe the numbers used were “1 million soldiers and 5000 tanks.” This is in fact a reversal of the truth. Slavorussia could only field that many soldiers if we conscripted our soldiers, and even then it would leave the bulk of Slavourussian territory undefended.

A little more than a week ago the members of the Nordic Confederacy moved between 800,000 and 1.5 million soldiers into the CSSR, Thousands of tanks, hundreds of bombers and fighter aircraft for “military exercises.” Slavorussia and every other nation in the world knows that is not regular military exercise numbers. When we took appropriate measures to defend in the event we were invaded. Defense Conditions were elevated to DefCon 2 where we remained up until were invaded. We contacted the CSSR and were informed of the situation. We never expelled any foreign nationals, although Germany did expel ours, we never increased troop levels on the border, never acted aggressively in any way.

We now accuse the nations who have aligned to invade Slavorussia of fabricating lie after lie in order to gain a flawed reason to go to war. They have shown neither us, our allies or the world any evidence of our alleged wrong doings, simply because there is none. The invaders offered no ultimatum, offered a chance to solve our differences diplomatically nor done anything to convince the world they are honorable in their intentions.

It is sad that our invaders do not think highly enough of us to sit down and discuss our differences. Recently the nations of the Nordic Confederacy signed an non aggression agreement with one of our closest and most valued allies, It seemed they would take the first steps to creating and maintaining peace. They spoke of their accomplishment as a great strive forward for peace in the world, an example to all the world of how nations should properly conduct themselves on an international scale. An honorable notion indeed, sadly their actions completely contradict their words.

This invasion is an aggressive attack on the people of Slavorussia and the government in place to defend their rights and their property. For that reason we call upon our allies to come to our aid. Help us repel these foreign invaders and return peace to Eastern Europe. Aid us in our quest to remain free from the forces that seek to conquer and subjugate us, and force upon us their ways.

I have just one thing to say to the invaders. Come to our country in peace and look around, and you will find a strong and industrious people. Let us use words, not bullets and bombs to solve our differences. Diplomacy is far more powerful than any tank, gun, missile or bomb. We are willing to forgive the mistakes of the past, are you?”

On the front Slavorussian military commanders were given their orders. “Operation Bear Cub” had begun.

In Lithuania the Slavorussian military was moving to meet the invaders and force them back. The Highly maneuverable and fast T-90 tanks rolled west toward what would be the Slavorussian’s first line of defense. Several kilometers into Lithuania the invaders would find their paths blocked by thick lush forests Lithuania is of course 40% covered by vast forests. On the roads and open paths tanks would encounter wave after wave of large reinforced concrete blocks, called dragon’s teeth , blocking their paths. Any soldiers foolish enough to abandon their APCs would be engaged by small numbers of Slavorussian soldiers patrolling the roads and forests. If the invaders managed to make it past the first line of dragon’s teeth they would run into a minefield that would certainly cause heavy casualties.


Similar defensive actions were used in the Belarussia and other southern provinces as well. After all the Slavorussians are not idiots, They saw the war coming long before and had planned extensively to defend from ground and air forces. The air force which had been patrolling the skies over Slavorussia and were not surprised in the least. As the Luftwaffe crossed into Slavorussian airspace the Slavorussian Su-37’s were sent to destroy any and all enemy aircraft operating over Slavorussian airspace. The invader’s mission to knock out Slavorussia radar would be largely a failure. They would succeed in creating several gray areas, but for the most part Slavorussia was unaffected by enemy attacks.


Back in the Kremlin Premier Belyakov makes a few phone calls to the each of the invading countries. He could only hope they would be willing to talk to them, if not he was sure Europe was about to witness another devastating war.

EDIT: Triyun I'll respond to your attacks later.

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OOC: That was a really nice post, Justinian.


And sooner than expected, the first battle broke out on Lithuanian soil. As it had been suspected, there were dragon's teeth. While mines were also expected, their actual position was estimated, not fully known. The first reply to this move which had been as anticipated as the Nordlandic invasion proper, were barrages of incendiary cruise missiles to hit several sectors of the forest, as well as an incendiary bombing raid on the forest, this was ment to "evacuate" any Slavorussian soldiers that may be lurking about the zone. Artillery also did stop for a moment to shoot incendiary barrages, this would inevitably start a forest fire, although all were careful not to cause friendly fire or to render areas completely impassable. The air force would pull back in case that AA may be deployed. The Luftwaffe used here would not be successfully attacked by Russian Fighters because it hadn't been present beforehand, so the Russians had engaged mainly German Reich Forces.

Without stopping nor waiting for the results of the bombing, a good number of Leopard 2 chassis had been modified to be minesweeping vehicles, and the heavier vehicles of the army proper just blasted away the dragon's teeth one by one.

Essentially, dragonteeth were blown up and aside in such a way that they were a nuisance rather than an obstacle proper. Once the first of the vanguard vehicles fell victim to the expected mines, the minesweeping tanks rolled forwards and started to clear the way. It didn't seem as if the army would be stopped, and the rest of the forest was turning into hell soon, as it was oversaturated by incendiary rounds from combined arms, it'd turn into a death trap for the Slavorussians stationed there, and neither the mines nor the dragonteeth seemed to gain the Russians more than a few minutes here and there. Special clearing vehicles were also used to deal with some of the dragonteeth. The bombing also had the effect of early detonating many mines, which in turned may cause more damage to the defenders.

Tank commanders remained alerted, looking out for any T-90's that may show up, already having been trained to shoot at the spots which lacked the Kontakt-5 protection to ensure one hit kills, or otherwise directly at the cannon, the superior guns and armor of Nordlandic Medium and Heavy Vehicles made the T-90 actually more similar to a somewhat better version of the Nordlandic Light Tanks. It was clearly outclassed, and it was obvious that Nordheim had been training to do these things since the very formation of their nation.

The Nordheimers Advance.

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Oh god, war in europe again? This madness should be stopped. This number of nations needed for little more than armed robbery writ large, with no real CB, this is aggressive imperialism at its worst.

Canada fully agrees with Glorious Aotearoa. This pure imperialistic madness must be stopped.

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