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Birth of Alagaesia

thor gold

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Official Announcement from the New Republic of Alagaesia

Declaration of Existance

A young man stands at a podium, facing thousands of thronging, joyful people. He stands with his back to a regal, marble building, the capitol building of his home city, Ellesmera. The podium concealing his crippled leg is made of finely carved oak, and sports countless microphones and wires.

Thor Gold, President of the New Republic of Alagaesia, was in a heavenly state. He was about to deliver an address that would change the lives of his people forever. As he cleared his throat to speak, the 500,000 before him quickly silenced.

Today, on the 6th of April, 2009, the earth and heavens stand witness to the birth of a new nation. A nation that has, for ages, sat silently under the protection of many nations, most recently Viniland. But today, that nation, the glorious New Republic of Alagaesia, has gained international recognition as a sovereign state!

Thor pauses to let the thunderous applause and cheers of jubilee die down

We have finally organized a government, a Federal Republic, to help the Alagaesian people realize our generations-old dream of utopia and prosperity. Today, that dream begins to unfold! Already, the splendor of Alagaesia is evident in the city around you. All of this has been built using Alagaesian-raised funds, all built under the supervision of Alagaesian lawmakers and engineers, under the helpful eye of our former protector, Viniland.

Once again, he pauses

Already, our armed forces number in the tens of thousands. Our military is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our navy is built using revolutionary new designs, our air force consisting of only the most advanced aircraft known to man. All this using Alagaesian-funded finances and under the organization of our new government!

I am honored to accept the title of our nation's first President. I will work ceaselessly at my position on behalf of you, the people, until death or your decision should decide that my work is finished. Alagaesia is taking the first step to a glorious future! We will succeed in our glorious dream of utopia, and we will stop at nothing until our dream is achieved! We will stop at nothing to assist others in realizing their visions of a perfect society! We, the people of Alagaesia, will rise!

Thor steps away from the podium, broadly smiling at the outbreak of wild celebration in the square before him. "Surely," he thinks,"Today is the start of a new era. Today is the first day of the rest of the world, a world we will take part in shaping, a world we will help create... that I will help create..."

Open-Door Policy

By order of President Thor, effective immediately, any ambassadors sent to Alagaesia from any nation will be promptly be granted embassy and freedom of dimplomatic relations with the nation of Alagaesia. Similarily, any nations wishing to instigate dimplomatic relations with Alagaesia will quickly be sent an ambassadorial staff from Alagaesia to the nation requesting to begin diplomacy.

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We do not recognize this Alagaesia as the name is a copyrighted name from one of the Beijing Corp. literary work, The Fallen Dragon of Alagaesia and as such we will not recognize this nation.

As a nation can have whatever name it wants - they don't make money with the name itself, after all - we ask the Beijing Corp to stop being ridiculous.

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They can, but Alagaesia is a copy righted name. They want to use it, they ask for permission, we don't need the money.

Only in your country they need to ask for permission. The name is, for example, not copyrighted in Canada.

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Not copy righted in Canada? It is copyrighted by the book house that sells it all over and they have sued us for not taking any action. And as such we are now.

If the distributer of these books wants to sue, they should sue the country that made itself known to the world, it's their name.

Also, the distributer didn't copyright the name "Alagaesia" itself, only "The Fallen Dragon of Alagaesia". In a Canadian court, Alagaesia would likely win, as there is plenty of difference between "Alagaesia" and "The Fallen Dragon of Alagaesia".

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Alagaesia is the land of the dragons which is copy righted. Since the bookhouse is from Beijing they are suing us.

Did the bookhouse copyright the title of the book, "The Fallen Dragon of Alagaesia" or did they copyright the word "Alagaesia"? In Canada, you can only copyright the title of the book, together with the exact story and names, but only if these names are used in relation with a similar story. Quite complicated, all that.

Regardless, we find it unlikely that the country will change its name, and we would, if the change doesn't happen, happily hand the bookstore some money if they'd close their mouth.

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