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Important TFO Announcement

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The Forsaken Ones + The Paladins Merge


Hello Planet Bob!! In TFO's DoE i announced that many RoT members were getting back together to form another alliance, a couple days later a had an old RoT member approach me. After much discussing and debating, we thought it would be best to work together to try and shock all of Planet Bob by putting our heads and resources together. Once again id like to once say, TFO is on the house! When I announced TFO's declaration of existence I did not expect to making another announcement this soon. But alas..... The Paladins will be merging into The Forsaken Ones!





890765 aka Inmate


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Sunrise called, they want their MSG Zeon flag back. :ehm:

Anyways, congrats on the merger and whatnot.

Shush you. Sieg Zeon. Errr.

Anyways, this post makes me happy. I know for a fact that a load of great guys are coming over from paladins to us making our forums a better place and adding to our roster of drinking buddies of course.

And well done 890765 for the awesome vid, can't wait for Episode II ;)

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Congrats guys. If I was you I would just reform Realm of Titans.

We thought about it, but to some people RoT brought a sour taste to their mouths. As amazing and awesome RoT was, there was a couple members that were, well. "no good." They haven't been asked back.

But we wanted to start off with a semi-new reputation. Thanks for your support buddy

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