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A New Constitution

Mergerberger II

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Official Declaration of The April Constitution

This is an official declaration of the April Constitution, which shall govern the Union for the next thousand years, or so do we hope.

Rather than force the great many nations of the world to read a long document from which all the information regarding government will be spelled out explicitly, we will provide a summary of what the new government layout will be, as well as our policies moving forward in the world.

The Union of Western Europe, now the Greater Union of Western Europe, officially, shall henceforth be ruled by a single Emperor, who shall have ultimate power over the Union, however he shall be checked by a system of government beneath him. In what is now the House of Lords shall exist an appointed Council of 50, appointed by His Imperial Highness, Emperor Alexander I. In the House of Commons shall be an elected body consistent of ten representatives from each and every province in the Union, including all overseas possessions should she acquire any such possessions.

His Imperial Highness Emperor Alexander I shall appoint an official Ministerial Cabinet, consisting of one minister for each department as the Emperor sees fit, headed by a single Chancellor. The Chancellor is also top adviser to His Imperial Highness Emperor Alexander I.

We thank you. This was voted on as a Supermajority decision, 80% of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons approved this, as did the Prime Minister and the majority of his current cabinet.

Also, we have a new flag to celebrate our German and Nordic heritage. The Cross represents our Nordic heritage. The blue background represents the Country of France. The Red represents the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy, and the Black represents our German heritage. The central symbol represents our German ancestry as well. The fleur-de-lis in the corner represents our French heritage as well.

Good Night.

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