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Sisterly Love

Sarah Tintagyl

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Though the RUSSIAN dinner was quite the failure in Sarah's mind there was one thing that she was able to look forward to. The President of Bosporan had given her information that filled her heart with joy as soon as she had laid her fingers on the note. Relena Peacecraft who had been in Bosporan recovering from the collapse of the Imperial Union was still on the road to a successful recovery and nothing made Sarah feel better inside than the chance to get to see one of her better friends in the world again. Nadine was still in her care after all, she had been in her care for almost a year now and Sarah had done everything in her power to provide motherly love to her godchild, but as hard as she might try, she was not Relena.

Nikita Akhatova had only received word earlier that day that the Hanseatic Lady Protector was coming to visit her with the hope of seeing her friend again. Sarah had never been to Bosporan and she had not talked at great lengths with Nikita, but she seemed like only of the most respectable leaders in the world this day and Bosporan and the Hansa had already made great strides in diplomatic negotiations, why shouldn't the country's two leaders cement their friendship further.

Sarah had tried to sleep for much of the flight from Brisbane to Molotov, but from what had happened in Niflheim still required some thought and it was those changes that had been keeping her awake, as well as the anxiousness of meeting Relena for the first time since Nadine's Christening. A stewardess knocked quietly and entered into Sarah's personal quarters and bowed. "We'll be landing in a few moments Your Ladyship, if you would like to get ready now."

"Of course. Thank you." The stewardess bowed as the planed touched down at Molotov international airport. Taking out her contact box, Sarah placed in two clear contacts changing her red eyes to a color of light green, blinking a few times, she smiled as the doors beyond her cabin opened.

Walking down to the tarmac, she waited with her personal guard for Nikita or any other Bosporan official to greet them.

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