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Most Loathed Player on Planet Bob


Most Loathed Player on Planet Bob  

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Ok, so I am having dinner w/ a RL friend who also plays CN, he had the meat and cheese burrito, I had the spicy chicken enchilada. Anyways, conversation rolls around about who is the most universally loathed player in CN. We toss around a whole bunch of names and eventually settle on 2 that we believe are both very qualified candidates, when another name comes up and eventually we have a rash of confusion.

So, I decided, in honor of my 500th post of the new forums, I would pose the question, in a open and respectful way about those that you loathe IC. For someone to garner such bile and animosity on Planet Bob, well frankly, you are doing it right, and deserve all of our respect for your RP.

So in that spirit of honoring the best vilainous characters among our ranks, I ask for your choice and if you so desire, to explain your choice in a respectful way, or add a name in your opinion that deserves recognition for their vilainy, treachery and frustrating ability to remain relevant in the RP.

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Voted Doitzel because he can take it.

No. He has rationality and cares about people in a sense, such as allowing them to play the game - hence, rationality. Don't get me wrong, he still a dick (This is a compliment from me to him, we have a special relationship), but not an evil dick.

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ITT everyone posts for the player they like the most/their alliance leader and makes a post about it thereby being "cute" and "witty".

Also I vote for Mogar because I was told do and he uses amsg spam.

Why you gotta be stealin' my post, son?

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