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The Respect me in the Morning Accords


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It was a cool spring evening. We had just moved out on our own, leaving our parents. So we did what any young alliance does when they move out of their parents house, we went down to Coldfront street to see what was going on. We had heard about the Purple Light district, and wanted to learn more. We stopped into a nice room, and were met at the door by the owner of the establishment, Jorost. He looked us over, and welcomed us in. He said you look a little young to be out on your own on a night like this. I told him we had just moved out of our parent’s house. He got a gleam in his eye. Would you fellas like a drink? We gladly accepted his ale. After the first round, we were feeling pretty good. He asked us if we had ever treatied with anyone without our parent’s approval. We told him we hadn’t. He asked if we wanted another ale, we accepted. He asked “Will you let us pop your treaty cherry?” We asked if it would hurt, he said he would be gentle. We asked if he would respect us in the morning, he said he would. We were still a little unsure, he offered us another round, we drank it, and 9 hours later, this treaty was born:



The separate and sovereign alliances of Invicta and the Aquatic Coalition Front (hereafter known as ACF) have been drawn together in the interest of alliance growth and a progressive friendship between each other. Both alliances hereby swear to agree upon all articles of this treaty.

Section One: Non-Aggression

Article I

All members of ACF and Invicta enter into a commitment of peace towards each other. No nation of either Alliance shall declare war with the intention to attack, commit any form of aggressive assault, threaten or abuse members in public or private channels or commit espionage against each other. Both alliances agree not to assist an enemy of either Alliance through military or financial means during periods of alliance level conflict.

Article II

The leaders of both Parties agree that if one of their Members violates Article I by aggressive assault, this attack will be condemned within 24 hours notice of it occurring. The member attacked shall not retaliate during this 24-hour period, to allow for the appropriate diplomatic talks. The leaders of both Alliances agree that if one of their members violates Article I, then reparations shall be paid at the minimal value of 125% of the damage caused.

Article III

The leaders of both signatory Alliances agree that if one of their members violates Article I by permitting attacks, threatening or abusing members in public or private channels, committing espionage and/or assisting an enemy of either Alliance through military or financial aid; then this attack will be condemned within 24 hours notice of it occurring. The member responsible shall be punished according to his or her Alliance's Charter.

Section Two: Optional Defense

Article IV

In the event that one Signatory Alliance is attacked by an Outside Party, or has reasonable proof of imminent attacks from an Outside Party, the other Signatory Alliance will decide whether to offer political, financial, or military assistance to defend the members of the attacked Signatory Alliance, and attempt to cease all hostilities.

Article V

Both Parties agree to offer their support as Peace Negotiators, in the event of war with a non-Signatory Alliance, or outside party. This role shall be entrusted to fairly negotiate an end to a conflict, payment of reparations, and apologies if required.

Section Three: Mutual Respect

Article VI

All Members of either Party hereby agree to conduct themselves with civility, maturity and diplomacy in all communications including public and private channels. At all times members honor the spirit of peace and prosperity between the Parties. In case disputes on matters directly affecting them should arise, especially disputes likely to disturb peace and harmony, they shall refrain from the threat or use of force and shall at all times settle such disputes among themselves through friendly negotiations.

Section Four: Mutual Intelligence

Article VII

If either Party receives sensitive information regarding the other Party, they agree to share said information and the source of it with the intent to protect the security and honor of both Signatories.

Section Five: External Treaties

Article VIII

In the event of conflict arousal with external alliance agreements that interfere with this agreement, it shall remain active and those conflicts shall be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Article IX

In the sad sad event that either ACF or Invicta feels the need to withdraw from this ODP agreement either Party requests at minimum of 72 hours notice before any actions not already agreed upon or discussed up to the 72 hours may be taken. It is also requested that diplomatic relations remain between the two Parties in order to uphold the treaty and work out differences involved.

Signed for ACF

Lonewolfe2015, Supreme High Councilman

Tehol, High Councilman

Gambona, High Councilman

Signed for Invicta

Jorost of the Triune Republic, President

Haflinger of Llonach, Vice President

Waltar of Ooogabooga, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kn1nJa of Sould Society, Minister of War

Lord Swampy of New Kaynistan, Minister of Finance

Learz of Eridani Empire, Minister of Citizenship

CMerrigan of Hellview, Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs

Imperator Trajan Kai of Terra di Assentire, Dep. Minister of Foreign Affairs

Topgunsamus of Coyote Country, Dep. Minister of War

tl:dr Invicta - ACF ODP

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That difference in flag size is in NO way indicative of any other relative differences in size!

Invicta is very pleased to welcome ACF to the world of big grownup independent treaty-making alliances. And yes, it was good for us.


/o ACF!

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