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Looking for an alliance WITHOUT an initiation process

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Join the Keepers of The Covenant, More here

We have no entrance test or any test. We just ask that you are loyal and show some form of activity.

We are a very laid back alliance where everyone is willing to help each other, not to mention the $6 mil aid =]

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White Knights Entente, we don't have any tests and all we ask you to be is fun and active once in a while on our forums :)

Welcome fellow player,

I am the member of an alliance called White Knights Entente, we are a brand new alliance compared to some of the other alliances, who would like to ask you to join us. I would like you to join White Knights Entente and help us grow and prosper, in return we offer you protection from Tech raiders and rogues and we offer you friendship and aid to help you grow and become superior in the game. We aid new member’s 3,000,000 each who join White Knights Entente. Our Alliance is new, therefore you can get a alliance positions and your ideas will help shape the alliance.

Our Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/WKE/index.php

You need to go there and register and post an application to join our alliance.



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WAPA only requires training for nations under 1000 NS. If you've passed that threshhold, the only additional questions you'd have to answer are five that ensure you're familiar with our war policies. We give you direct links to the answers, though. ^^d Edited by Vanadrin Failing
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