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Will Aqua surpass Orange?


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The score is biased because it does not take into account the amount of win in each sphere. If you do take win into account, Aqua passed Orange ages ago.

We're more popular than you, see: last poll on this.

(Oh, and also have more win)

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Hmm, I don't believe it matters all that much. Some old orange alliances have been dying for a while [like CON] and it seems that others haven't stepped up to fill that gap; IRON shouldn't worry though, it has enough nukes for anyone's pick of three spheres, and that's what counts.

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In the stat that counts, I am proud to say black is gaining on blue. (total nations, thus total potential trade partners)

Aqua and Orange are both awesome, of course, though I must still give the awesome nod to orange at the moment.

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