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A Return to Normalcy

comrade nikonov

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XIAJING- A month after the attempted nuclear strike on Xiajing, the IndoChinese government has returned from their emergency capital of Tirana. With reconstruction efforts in Islamabad and Delhi well under way, it is time for the IndoChinese nation to return to the political side of things. In a series of terror attacks that left 1.5 million dead, the IndoChinese government will spearhead an effort to administer grief and loss counseling to the families of victims. Without a response from the Nordheimic government in ages, the IndoChinese government is forced to denounce the Nordheimic ignorance to nuclear security and cease all diplomatic negotiations with Nordheim. We also call upon the European alliances to investigate this matter, such as to bring to light the perpetrators of the attacks on Islamabad and Xiajing.

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