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Official Announcement from Sparta

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Sparta hereby activates Article IV of the “Sparta Orders Another Case of Phoenix Butter” with The Phoenix Federation.

IV. Cancellation

If a party wishes to cancel this treaty, they will give the other party a 24-hour notice. Then, after the cancellation, a 48-hour non-aggression period begins where no hostilities between the The Phoenix Federation and Sparta can begin, if any at all.

Reasons were given in private with the twenty-Four hours has passed since TPF was notified, and as such, the MADP is null and void.

We at Sparta wish TPF all the best. It's disheartening to see a treaty of this magnitude dissipate, but it's the harsh reality of the past few months. Communication was lacking on both of our parts, but we're still strong allies through our mutual membership in the Continuum bloc and hopefully we can rekindle what we used to have in our future there together.

Sparta asks that all Spartans below the rank of Advisor not post in this thread.

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Sparta wishes TPF the best and look forward to rebuilding our original friendship one step at a time via our Q ties. This is a sad day, but one we can both overcome.

o/ TPF

o/ Doxa Sparte \o

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Sparta, coming out of the Unjust War I wasn't very fond of you guys. However, since I started watching you more closely due to your ties with Athens I have been impressed by your actions, leadership, and your loyalty as an ally to some of my closest friends. I must say, I am a changed man about you guys. I am sure there are good reasons for this cancellation and I support Sparta all the way in their decision.

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