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TCB Annoouncement

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As you may have noticed, The Centurion Brotherhood is going through a mid-life crisis.

The Centurion Brotherhood will be seeking to maintain all current treaties for the time being, and anyone who wishes to manipulate us in this time of need will be met accordingly. The military staff is prepared to defend against any threats to alliance security. With this in mind is also important to note we have no hostility towards Internet Superheroes and we wish them luck on their plans.

If you have any questions regarding our situation, please ask. We remain at #cn-tcb on IRC.

Cowboy Cornholio - King

King Najibbles - Baron

Edited by Cowboy Cornholio
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Glad to see our allies are still going strong despite the Government changes. You know Poison Clan and the rest of Pink has your back always. :)

So we get to kill the deserters, right? RIGHT?

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