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The Final Announcement from the Armed Coalition of Valor

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Greeting Planet Bob,

It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I inform you that, effective immediately, the Armed Coalition of Valor will be disbanding. Founded by iClean on May 6, 2008, the ACV immediately made its mark on Planet Bob by securing a protectorate with MHA. MHA became our closest friends and advisors, and I cherish to this day the amazing times we all spent with the then-triums, WCR, Johnson and Denzin, and with the Foreign Affairs staff, John Rocker (our personal advisor) and then eventually Blepo and Espressoville. Those were some of the best times for the ACV.

The Aquatic Brotherhood was our closest ally aside from MHA at the time (though one could argue that Camelot, who we would finally ODP as Athens months later was also our closest ally), and we were pleased to sign treaties with them. We were also very close with MK in the beginning, though our paths diverged later on. We committed fully to Aqua Unity, and were among the first signatories of the ICE pact. M*A*S*H was our first non-Aqua treaty partner.

Our path then took us to the Super Friends alliances, as we treatied RoK, Fark and RIA at almost the same time. This led to our involvement with IPA and TOH to form the Teen Titans Bloc. I'm glad we could expand that to ARES and Apocalypse so that it may remain a bloc without the ACV in it. Of course we cannot forget GUN and NATO. We went through the steps with these alliances to form PIATs and then ODPs, on to MDPs. We are lucky to have such great friends. I personally want to thank all the above mentioned alliances, as well as the other friends we made on Aqua.

Lastly a thanks to all our members. From those who had previously founded alliances themselves to those of you who left us in great moral dilemma, from the members who have been with us since day 1 to those of you who joined us in the last few weeks: Thank you. We could not have done this without you.

This has been a wonderful experience all around, and the relationships I've made are, in some cases, almost as rewarding as those I have (ooc) “IRL” (/ooc). (I said almost :P)

The Armed Coalition of Valor AA will be protected by the Teen Titans, as well as half of Aqua and others who have offered. I suggest you do not raid, unless you're looking for a few people to try out their new WRCs on you.

The members of the ACV have been instructed to take the time they have on the AA to research alliances that they feel they may fit in the best with, and have been suggested to look up our allies. If you choose to recruit in this thread, you may, but keep it classy, and give my members clear features and benefits for joining you. Any lazy or lame attempts at recruiting will be met with ridicule and sarcasm from myself, and likely others.

Also, I hereby give SystemFailure the license rights to our flag, as he has been the biggest champion of it. Intellectual and property rights remain with us, so he cannot change it or sell it... but if he wants to, I dunno, do weird things to it then he has my permission.

A heartfelt thank to those of you who attempted to save us, and give us a few extra months. You know who you are and we cannot thank you enough.

#acv will remain open for those who want to hang our and reminisce, and I will remain there until people stop showing up.

iClean wanted to say something as well:

Ladies and Gentlemen of CN,

I remember fondly the day in which I founded the ACV. I remember

fondly the great group of individuals we had from the beginning, their

optimism, their talent, their pride for their alliance. I remember

fondly those who came after. I remember their toils to learn the game,

to serve, and to become part of something more profound and more

important than any of them by themselves. These people made the ACV

what it was moreso than the Executive Staff or the General Staff. I am

so proud, beyond words even, of each and every one of you.

When I announced the existance of the Armed Coalition, I did so

knowing that there would be vast challenges and seemingly impenetrable

obstacles blocking our way. However through the many months of my

command, we surmounted all of them. I had the pleasure of watching our

lowly trainees mature and grow as PEOPLE to become not only members,

but leaders in their own right.

I have stated many times, and I repeat one final time; "If the ACV

motivates one single person to be more than they can be, not only in

CN, but in their real lives, my mission is done and I can sleep better

knowing that I made a difference." I am pleased to say that my goal

was realized, ten fold. Many of the soldiers that applied began as

people unsure of their path in life and their plans for the future. A

large percentage of which now know exactly what they want to do, and

aspire to a life of honorable service. To those great few, I can only

say that it was an honor to serve with you and lead you. You are my

brothers and sisters whom I shall never forget.

Since our inception we've experienced many highs. We were graced with

some great friends that would stand beside us no matter the situation.

We were graced with a purpose and a camraderie that few alliances can

rival. But we were also cursed with some "friends" whose personal

career was deemed to be worth more than the bonds created between us.

We were blighted with individuals who made it their goal to discredit

us and ensure we would not succeed. These ailments marked the downfall

of my time as Commanding Officer. However, I have been a silent

overseer since my forced removal and I can say yet again, that you all

have made my proud by your actions, your words and your character.


Retired General of the Army iClean

Former Commanding Officer of the General Staff

Ex-Armed Coalition of Valor

For the last time, o7 ACV!

And always, o7 Aqua!

General Sayeret

Lt. Gen Kevin McDonald

Maj. Gen. Jake997

Brig. Gen. Bungalo Bill

Sgt. Maj. UnitedNations

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The Armed Coalition of Valor have been good, close friends of mine since their inception last year. I was always confident they would support us should anything should happen. I would like to thank you guys for your months of friendship and trust. You guys where a class act. Sad to see it have to come to this. I wish all the members of ACV the best of luck in finding new homes.

One last hail to my friends in the Armed Coalition of Valor



:wub: Kevin

:wub: Bungalo

Aqua has lost a great alliance L

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Well like I have probably said numerous times already I am sad to see this happen.

I am, however, very glad we became allies of the ACV and got to know you guys. Good luck to all of your former members in finding a new home.

o/ ACV

You guys are :awesome: and I will proudly continue to wear the Legion of Merit that ACV bestowed upon me.

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This one really hurts, I considered your alliance as a whole to be among my best friends in this game.

If any of you wish to join me at the New Polar Order you will have a personal vouch from me.

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ACV has been stellar allies and we're glad that we had the opportunity to call them such before their brief time while we were.

There are not many people classier than this, and I'm glad I got to know them.

For the last time: o/ACV.

Apocalypse will be among one of the many alliances eager to protect your AA.

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This greatly saddens me. It has been an awesome time to be in the ACV and I shall never forget it. You guys have been great and I hope that we meet again. Thanks to all of our great allies.


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Very classy...as ALWAYS, Kevin I wish you well.

I remember there being some talk of a possible merger with Rok at one point and it would not surprise me if a lot of ACV members ended up there.

If you are looking for an alternative, I might suggest Valhalla (http://www.cnvalhalla.org), but then I'm a bit biased. ;)

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One of the most proudest and honorable alliances in CN. They had made many friends and would defend them to the last point of infra. I was glad to have been allies with them in TAB and in MHA. I wish their fine soldiers the best of luck in their new alliances and to the ACV true believers, wherever they may be, to stand tall and know that their alliance was among the finest.

o/ ACV!

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