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Dissolution of the Western Republic and Formation of Artemis Global Security

Sargun II

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Formation of Artemis Global Security

"It has been a harsh time for the Republic."

King Sargun Iros Peaceheart III, newly-restored King to the Western Republic, smiled for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. He had made no public appearances since his arrival back, and neither Naboo nor the Western Republic had commented on the situation. All they knew was that the King was back and that he had all the powers that Hayley had greedily given himself. There was nothing he couldn't do.

"No longer. Effective immediately, the Western Republic ceases to exist as a state below the Monarchy."


The silence was shattered with a scream.

"I planned a lengthier speech, but my health is working against me." The King had a fake heart, a bad leg and a still-painful bullet wound in his neck. "Effective immediately, by the office of King, the offices formerly held by the Western Republic will be replaced with the state of Artemis Global Security." A flag unraveled behind him - a faded starburst pattern with the Artemis symbol on it. "Artemis is a private military contractor - anyone who pays will receive assistance by us. We understand that such a radical change in government will be shocking - but know that I am intent on preserving peace in Africa just like before, and that we will only use nuclear weapons as defensive weapon."

He chuckled. "In addition, we will refuse to offer assistance against the Hanseatic Commonwealth and Glorious Aotearoa. Thank you. That is all." With that, the King walked off the stage. Nobody was moving.

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Chairmain Vortex is sitting at his desk reading the bulletin from the press on AGS in Western Republic. He buzzes his secretary, "Norma, get me the office of Foreign Affairs or King Sargun Iros Peaceheart III of the new AGS government in West Africa. I have matters of state to discuss with them."

At that point, a line is opened to AGS given current diplomatic protocols with the country. Halfway round the globe, phones would start ringing, begging to be picked up.

Sargun blinks wearily at the amount of calls pouring into his new office. Many still called him King. There was one that was labeled 'priority', and Sarah picked it up. "...Yes, ma'am. One moment."

"Mmm.. Hello, this is Sargun Peaceheart."

Chairmain Vortex , in the meantime, gnawed quietly on some spaghetti that was cooked for him by the Capitol cafeteria.. food quality had really gone down since his wife had died. He wiped his mouth quietly as King Peaceheart picked up, "King Peaceheart.. or should I call you CEO Peaceheart now? How are you doing today?"

"Ah.. my heart still beats an unfamiliar tune. It feels almost as if I'm in another body today. I think Owner fits me more than CEO, though." He chuckled. "Is everything okay?"

"It's all going well, I was just going over the verbage of your announcement and noted you had granted an immunity to threat to a couple of nations and I was wondering since the existence of your State is now in the form of a military corporation or mercenary company if it would be possible for Dragonisia to procure the same level of immunity." The chairman inquired indirectly.

"Please understand that the reasons for the initial immunity are private and for that reason it is impossible for me to grant you a free immunity.. however, there might be a way that we can work something out. Was there something you had in mind?" Sargun queried.

"Oh, I was absolutely certain it wouldn't be free. For a Merc state to grant free protection would be a bit silly. Well, I've been considering, you've not had any serious wars for a while so a chunk of your domestic military industry must be idle. I've been considering outsourcing a few high cost industries to lower cost areas. Labor rates are through the roof due to the rates of inflation, and with your economy somewhat cooler it would be an opportunity to exploit the advantages of trade. So basically, you get military contracts.. we do not become subject to any attacks purchased by other states through Artemis." Chairmain Vortex then paused... letting him think on this.

"Please hold a moment." Sargun put the phone on the desk and looked over at his sister, who was listening in on the conversation. He picked the phone again after a few momments and exchanges with his sister and smiled. "I think that we have come to a preliminary agreement. I'm going to patch you in to a Director.."

Vortex nodded. "Alright, I'll take it from here. Thank you for your time. Good luck with the reform efforts."

The rest of the call detailed the conditions of the relations of the new state of Artemis with Dragonisia laying the grounds for a set of military contracts that would employ many in Artemis Global Security manufacturing many basic, non-critical components of military instruments in the Dragonisian Military apparatus. In exchange, Artemis was considered on call to support Dragonisia and Dragonisia was considered granted an immunity to purchases of assaults upon its sovereignty. A win, for all parties.

The results of the negotiations were announced in a major headline the next day in the national press entitled, "Major deal struck with new partners in Africa! Artemis Global Security takes leading role in components part manufacturing for the Dragonisian Military. With unemployment near 2%, this is expected to relieve the current pressures on the labor market, relax inflationary pressures, and allow for the employment of workers formerly in this industry in other critical economic roles. The government has taken the lead to ensure there is no dissent among domestic workers in the process by guaranteeing the employment of those slated to lose their jobs to Artemis so long as they maintain ethical work behaviour and attend offered labor re-education programs for other system-critical fields."

"Additionally," the article continued, "Artemis is now considered a retainer of the State of Dragonisia and on call to the defense of the nation and its allies improving stability and the defensive stature of its assets. This is considered a major win for Association, an key ally of Dragonisia in Africa."

ooc: Brought to you courtesy of RPING in IRC ^..^

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We will watch this with the utmost interest. Additionally, congratulations to King Sargun for finally getting home.

Of course, Canada has long been a friend of the King and hopefully will continue to me.

We wish Artemis Global Security well for the future.

*Private to AGS*

Wish to do a job for us?

//private reply

I'd prefer we take this to much more secure channels.. (ooc: #cnrpic is where I shall be doing deals)

The Imperator is certainly pleased to see Sargun back after his trying ordeal, in whatever shape his government takes form. We would like to inquire about the status of the Azores, however. Are they still jointly-owned?

Of course they are still jointly-owned. We would never take sole custody of something that isn't totally ours.

OOC: Artemis? from TC's H.A.W.X?

OOC: :awesome:

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