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[CNRP] MDP between the UK and the Commonwealth


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Article I

Under this Agreement, the New Byzantine Empire and the UCSCA are friends on the world stage, and shall continue to be so.

Article II

Both signatories recognizes the Sovereignty of the each other. Under this Agreement, both signatory nations shall not invade, claim, or otherwise compromise the each other’s Sovereignty.

Article III

Under such Agreement, both signatories are to come to the each other’s aid in event of war and otherwise. As such, an act of aggression and/or war on one signatory nation is, thus, an act of aggression and/or war on the other, and shall be dealt with appropriately.

Article IV

If any of both signatory nations receive information of any kind that is crucial or otherwise important to the well-beings of both signatory nations, they are expected to share the said information with the each other.


For the United Kingdom of Byzantium, Greece, Georgia, and Transcaucasia,

Emperor Aaron Constantine

Prime Minister Jed Constantine

For the United Commonwealth of South-Central Africa,

Viceroy, Doyen Agobe; Republic of Zambia

Lord Prince, Ranather von Duscherer Rukia; Principality of Namibe-Angola

Prime Minister, Gregori Tupov; Kingdom of Franzharia

Edited by Ranather
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