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A new MK Protectorate


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Imagine our flags here....centered and such


A protectorate agreement between The Mushroom Kingdom and Advent


In the interest of promoting friendship, knowledge and good times, Advent has agreed to let the Mushroom Kingdom take good care of it.

Article I

Neither party shall take offensive actions, be it in game or political maneuvering, against each other.

Article II

The Kingdom shall strive to do all it can to provide the tools needed for the alliance to grow and prosper. From guides, to advice and aid, it shall be given.

To ensure that the help is put to its best use, the Kingdom will appoint an advisor to help institute any changes and oversee the distribution of education.

Article III

The alliance will keep the Kingdom informed of all foreign policy changes and additions.

Article IV

As long as the alliance upholds the clauses outlined in this treaty, the Kingdom shall protect them from those who would do harm.

Article V

If either party wishes to cancel this agreement, notice will be given in private. After a period of 72 hours has passed, the class shall be ended.

Signed for the Mushroom Kingdom,

Archon - King

Trace - Prince

AirMe - Lord High Envoy

Azaghul - Lord High Treasurer

SirWilliam - Lord High Vanguard

Signed for Advent,

Ryiis - Emperor

Kae Lee - Empress

EDIT: Yes, I completely blew this OP.

Edited by AirMe
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testing out my new signature

also congrats mk for finding a great protector and congrats advent for finding a great protectorate

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lol babyjesus.

I hate digging up flag links, too.

<babyjesus[MK]> I don't get it

<Schattenmann> lol at your "Mushroom hungers" TPF ripoff

<babyjesus[MK]> that's lebubu not me

<Schattenmann> What! Stop using the same avatar!

<babyjesus[MK]> :v

Edited by Schattenmann
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