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Announcement From the New Polar Order

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Election Results for Polar Council of April 2009


Goalintos was involved in a heated race with John Rocker, which ended at noon April 1st with Goalintos with 49 votes and John Rocker with 48. Goalintos has been shipped off to the Ministry of Plenty for re-educating. Lestat, Jphillips, and KingRich all return to their prospective Ministries to wreak havoc and mayhem.

So without further adieu our deputies for April of 2009 are as follows:

Deputy Minister of Love: Lestat

Deputy Minister of Truth: Jphillips

Deputy Minister of Peace: KingRich

Deputy Minister of Plenty: Goalintos

Congratulations to all those who ran for a race well won, and special congratulations to all the elected Deputies.


Obligatory Sexy Graph:



Once again an update on our appointed government:

Emperor: AlmightyGrub

Regent: Zbaldwin

Liaison: Penguin

Minister of Love: BraveNewWorld

Minister of Peace: DarthActorbass

Minister of Truth: Dajobo

Minister of Plenty: Ski11585

EDIT: Minor Date Malfunction :P

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Bout damn time Goalintos' name was in this announcement :)

Congrats to all.

Awww... :wub:
Best of Luck to Goalintos I look forward to beating you next month :)
It was a fantastic race! Who would have thought I'd beat ya by one vote??!

Congrats everyone! Let's have some beer to celebrate!

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Congratulations to the new deputy ministers.

How does that work? The top four vote-getters are assigned to ministries, or do they run for a specific ministry?

Yes, I suppose I could look up the Polar charter, but that isn't as fun.

Top four are assigned to ministries by the appointed gov staff.

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