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Colstream starts reinforcing border areas

Colstream Peoples Army units have began to reinforce the border areas to increase security in accordance with the Colstream Governments instructions. This is according to the Colstream Government "a necessary step to strengthen the security of Colstream".


Colstream Peoples Army BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1 mile from the border with Andonia

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Colstream Military goes on Increased Alert

The Colstream Military has gone on a state of higher alert because of the war in Europe. Colstream Military officials would not comment about if Colstream Forces would join the war.


Colstream Peoples Army BM-21 Grad passing through a coastal town


Colstream Soldier with PKM near the border

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Colstream returns to normal readiness

The Colstream Military has returned to normal readiness after the war in Europe ended today.

President Tony Brown steps down as President. Successor Confirmed

President Tony Brown has stepped down as President of the SRC. His successor is 26 year old Mary Williams.


The new President Mary Williams

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Colstream Socialist Council convenes for 1st Congress since renaming party

The Colstream Socialist Party has covened for the first time since renaming from the Colstream Labour Party. The first item on the party agenda is to form a National Heath Service to provide free medical care to the poor and create a National Medical Register.

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Colstream Socialist Council 1st Congress ends

The Colstream Socialist Council's 1st Congress has ended with the party deciding on the following policies:

- Formation of Colstream National Heath Service to give poor people medical care

- Put Colstream more into foreign affairs and abandon the Neutrality Act

- Abandon National Service.

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