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The Return and the Struggle


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I come before you today to dispel the rumors that I have seen and heard as of late: Brookstonia, and her leader, Jonathan Brookbank, are not free. I would like to offer thanks publicly at this time to the Grand Global Alliance for releasing me from their lists, however, the GGA was not the only alliance to hold me there.

Today, to my knowledge, I reside on three lists: the eternal ZI list of the New Pacific Order, the eternal ZI list of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, and the permanent ZI list of Valhalla. But I shall hide no longer. Brookstonia may once more be penciled in on the maps of the world, for although she is small, she shall stand tall. If I have missed any alliances upon whose list I reside, I would ask kindly that you either post such information here so I may communicate with you in private, or find me in #Brookstonia, at which point I will also be willing to communicate with you privately regarding my future on said list.

I would also like to dispel the rumor that I bear any ill will towards the New Pacific Order beyond that which has been bred through the last seven months of exile. I am, however, willing to set that aside, as I have told Emperor Revenge, upon my release.

As a final note, although I currently reside in The Dominion, I am currently looking for an alliance that holds the following values:

  • Honor - The honor to fight fairly and to part ways with an honorable enemy without requiring any undue stress upon the enemy alliance.
  • Loyalty - Loyalty to one's members and one's allies. Alliances with treaties based solely on political posturing and positioning need not attempt to recruit.
  • Freedom - Both for one's members and for individual enemies. I do not wish to be a part of an alliance that chooses to tell other players they are not allowed to play based on nothing at all or on ridiculous, trivial things. I also do not wish to be a part of an alliance that silences dissent and free thinking within its own walls.

I suppose that is it for now, however I may think of more in the future to add to said list. If no such alliance exists, I am looking for like-minded people wishing for the same values to be found in their alliance. Any like-minded people wishing to take part in a new endeavor should feel free to visit #brookstonia or send me a private message.

It is time to begin anew.

Jonathan Brookbank

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat

EDIT: As an addendum to all of the above, I would like to additionally apologize for any misunderstandings regarding Finster's comments towards me. I have been informed that he did not mean it the way I took it, so I would also like to apologize for it being made public through Starfox101's post. Have a nice day.

Edited by Jonathan Brookbank
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At some point, bad PR actually has bad consequences. I suppose if folks really want to be the bad guys they can continue to hold onto these policies but I cannot see how the gain from such is worth the loss.

Is it enjoyable?

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I do not think you will find anyone willing to take you until you resolve your list problem. So if you happen to die and re-incarnate in RL, you should be free to play CN again.

Its sick that the above is actually an accurate statement.

There are some alliances that exhibit the qualities you listed, but until then good luck getting peace.

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Nations should only have to die at the decison of the ruler.

That has never been the case here. Nations have lived and died because those in power deem it so.

The enemies of the Initiative knew this, and were destroyed. The enemies of Polaris and the Unjust Path knew this, and that culminated in a showdown which saw one side destroyed and entire alliances barred from playing the game. The enemies of the One Vision know this, as they are continually kept down.

I do find it funny how some are now protesting the system in which they were instrumental in creating.

Not specifically you, Paradigm, but others.

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I do find it funny how some are now protesting the system in which they were instrumental in creating.

Not specifically you, Paradigm, but others.

We all created the system - the old authors no longer matter.

The future authors of the years to come have no reason to continue repeating the same mistakes.

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